Egg Inc Wiki

Rules Last Updated: May 26th, 2021

Visitors of this wiki must agree to the following rules. Violations of these rules may result in a warning from an administrator or being blocked on this wiki (for repeated or severe violations).

Note that this wiki requires visitors to have a Fandom account in order to comment on and edit pages. In some cases, blocks may be extended to the IP addresses which have recently been used by the offending account. Attempting to circumvent a block by using a different account will result in the new account being blocked if there is sufficient reason to believe it is owned by the same individual.

This wiki's rules should be viewed alongside the Fandom Terms of Use (which supersede the rules of this wiki in the event of any conflict). Per Fandom policy, the rules below are not retroactive. What that means is if the admins decide the wiki needs additional rules later, we may add them to this list, but you can only be blocked for breaking a rule after it is added.

If you wish to appeal a block, please first contact an admin. Typically, you will still be allowed to post on your own message wall while you are blocked, and an admin should have posted a reason for your block on your wall, so replying to that message is an easy way to start the appeal process.

Rule 1: Be Civil

Do not make personal attacks against anyone on this wiki; this includes not using degrading, racist, or sexist language.

While other curse words are not strictly prohibited, do not use them excessively and do not direct them against any individual.

Rule 2: Handle Disputes Responsibly

If you disagree with another editor over the any aspect of this wiki, please do not start an "edit war" (changing a page back and forth to the version you think is better). Instead, talk with them in the comments at the bottom of the page or on their message wall. If they are okay with you contacting them outside the wiki and have listed that contact information here for that purpose, that is fine too.

If your conversation does not resolve the disagreement, please contact an admin.

Rule 3: Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion

Please keep all content on this wiki related to Egg Inc. If you wish to advertise a co-op or community relating to the game, please do that in the appropriate places (currently the Recruitment Page and Related Links pages and the Forum (using the "Co-op Recruitment" category tag)). You may also talk about yourself and your communities on your user page.

If you are uncertain whether or not a specific topic or self-promotion is acceptable (in a specific place or on the wiki as a whole), please contact an admin.

Rule 4: Don't Harass People

Please respect other users' wishes to not engage you in conversation. Do not attempt to contact them outside the wiki using information they did not list for that purpose on their user page. If you need an issue resolved, it is better that you contact an admin than try to talk with someone who doesn't want to talk.

If another user is bothering you, please contact an admin.

Rule 5: Maintain Formatting Conventions

In most cases, you should try to make sure your edits match the existing formatting of the page and similar pages. This makes it easier for present and future editors to keep track of edits. We do not presently have a hard list of exact formatting conventions used on this wiki, but if an admin or another established editor posts on your message wall about a violation of a formatting convention, please keep that style in mind for the future. Flagrant disregard for conventions of which you were informed will count as a violation of this rule.

If you believe the format of a page should be dramatically changed, it is best to discuss that in the comments of the page to see if other editors agree before you make the change. You may also contact an admin to suggest the change.

Note that in some cases it may be easier to maintain page formatting by using the Source Editor rather than the Visual Editor.

Rule 6: Don't Spam

Don't make entirely pointless or repeated messages, and do not post links to commercial content. This includes both comments and insertion of content into pages.

Uploading images to the wiki that are irrelevant to the wiki is also considered to be spam, regardless whether or not those images are placed on pages. Exceptions may be made if you are making an image to place on your user page, subject to approval by admins.

If it looks like your comment or edit was done by a stereotypical spammer account, then you may be blocked on a first offense. However, if you look to just be a human with poor social behavior, then you will receive at least one warning for this prior to being blocked for this.

Rule 7: Don't Vandalize

Please don't vandalize the wiki. Examples of vandalism include removing worthwhile content from pages, replacing correct information with false information, and altering the formatting so that the page is difficult to read.

If you genuinely think something doesn't belong on a page, you can remove it, but if someone else re-adds it please see Rule 2 for handling the dispute responsibly. Similarly, if you think some values need to be updated, you can update the page with what you believe to be the correct values, but if someone else says the values you posted were wrong, then handle that dispute in line with Rule 2 as well.

Removal of content that is obviously very important to the page (such as deleting half of the data from a table or clearing an entire section of a page describing a current feature of the game) may result in a block on the first offense - especially if you have no edit history on the wiki.

However, we recognize that sometimes users may accidentally delete information - or they might have never intended to edit a page in the first place but just aren't familiar with how to use wikis. So if you get blocked for removing content, then you may wish to contact an admin to explain what happened.

Rule 8: No NSFW

Do not upload or post links to any NSFW content. It is highly unlikely any NSFW content relates to Egg Inc.

Rule 9: Adhere to Fandom's Terms of Use

This was already mentioned above, but Fandom has its own Terms of Use (linked again here). By using any wiki on Fandom, you agree to follow those terms. Consequently, the admins of this wiki may warn or block you for significant violations of those terms even if they are otherwise mentioned on this Egg Inc Rules page. The offending user will be pointed to the specific lines in those terms which they violated.

If this happens to anyone, the admins will endeavor to promptly edit this Egg Inc Rules page to more explicitly include the rule that was violated - so as to increase visibility to other users in the future.