Several people have come and gone from the wiki over the years. Read about our current and past leadership here.

If you are interested in becoming an Admin or Moderator, please contact Dream on this wiki or on Discord.

Current Leadership Edit

Bureaucrats Edit

Bureaucrats have the power to appoint and demote Administrators and Moderators. All the Bureaucrats listed below are also Administrators.

Dreampenguin: Dream joined the wiki in August 2016. He encouraged Enigma to adopt the wiki in September 2016 and was promoted to Admin himself. Dream didn't monitor the wiki much for the next few years, but after his return in May 2019 he adopted the wiki himself in June 2019. After 24 left the wiki, Dream returned to activity again in May 2020.

24680 FPIC: 24 was an active editor in February to April 2017. After returning in May 2019, he was promoted by Dream to Moderator and later Admin in June 2019. He continued to be very active, and Dream promoted him to Bureaucrat in October 2019). He quit Egg Inc in April 2020 and probably won't be making further edits on the wiki.

EnigmaLord515: Enigma joined the wiki in July 2016. He adopted the wiki in September 2016. After 2016, he rarely edited the wiki, and in 2018 he expressed that he did not want to be contacted about it. However, he remains a Bureaucrat on the technicality that he had made an edit within a year prior to the second adoption of the wiki.

Administrators Edit

Administrators (Admins) have almost all permissions for editing the wiki. They can appoint Moderators, edit the main page and other protected pages, and delete pages, but they cannot appoint or demote other Administrators.

TheSeal27: Seal is an experienced wiki editor who joined this wiki in July 2020. After contributing many templates and some other edits, he was promoted to Admin by Dream a few days later.

AAAmasterwikia: AAA joined the wiki in September 2016 and was promoted by Enigma later that month. He remained active through early 2017, but he has only made the occasional edit since then.

Moderators Edit

Moderators (who have both the Discussion Moderator and Chat Moderator role) have the power to edit and delete comments on articles and threads in the forum. They also gain the Wiki Staff role on Discord.

Jewelraffe: Jewel joined the wiki in March 2018 and was promoted to Moderator by Storm in April 2018. After various periods of activity, Jewel has not edited the wiki since July 2019.

Tiln: Tiln was an extremely active Egg Inc player and Admin of the Egg Inc Discord. He joined the wiki in February 2017 and was promoted to Moderator by Storm in May 2018. His last edit to the wiki was in June 2018.

Past Leadership Edit

XXDarkStarXx: DarkStar founded the wiki in July 2016 but disappeared immediately thereafter. He was automatically demoted by Fandom staff during the second adoption due to his zero edits within the preceding year.

StormGaming1: Storm joined the wiki in August 2016 and was promoted to Admin by Enigma in September 2016. After alternating periods of activity and inactivity, he was demoted at his request by Dream in June 2019.

Worder: Worder joined the wiki in July 2020. He was promoted to and demoted from admin by Dream during that same month.

More Information Edit

For more details on the powers of each user group, see the Fandom help page on this subject.

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