Videos are advertisements you can watch in Egg, Inc. They give rewards upon watching.

Reward Videos Edit

You can occasionally get an alert that a video is ready to be watched. If you click the notification, you will be offered either a bonus of Bocks or Golden Eggs. You may then accept or decline to watch the video, not earning the reward if declined. If there are no ads available (e.g. not being on a connection), the notification will appear but hitting the watch button will dismiss the alert.

Drones are paused while a video is playing but they are not paused while you are on the confirmation screen. Therefore if you see a drone appear right after you click the video notification, you should quickly click "Yes" to watch the video and then quickly hunt the drone after the video finishes.

Chicken Boxes Edit

In a Contract, a video alert can alternatively offer chicken boxes that increase your farm population. Normal chicken boxes offer 3% of your current farm population, and rare, large chicken boxes offer 12% of your current farm population.

This causes chicken boxes to be extremely overpowered, for one, not having to use any of your precious Boost Tokens on Tachyon Prisms because the chicken boxes would likely override them.

Boost Videos Edit

You can watch a video to earn a 2x multiplier for 2 hours, (upgradeable to 8 hours using Video Doubler Time), but sometimes this option may be grayed out an unavailable if there is still a considerable amount of time in the multiplier.

If the option to watch the video is available while your multiplier is still going, watching the video will only reset the timer to its full amount—it will not add hours to your existing timer.

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