Version History

This page lists Egg, Inc's version history and the descriptions as provided by the App Store.

Version Date Description
1.22.1 30 September 21 - Minor improvements and bug fixes

- Update Play billing (Android)

- When golden eggs are added to your piggy, if there is enough vertical screen space the piggy total popup will no longer cover the on-hand golden egg total and will instead display below it.

1.22 21 September 21 - Small improvements and bug fixes

- "Multi Consume Artifacts" - hold consume/recycle button for 2 seconds

  • Needs 10+ items in that stack to activate the multi-consume popup
  • 50% or 100% of those items can be bulk consumed at a time.
1.21.2 12 August 21 - Minor improvements and bug fixes

- Rare+ (Shiny!) Artifacts need to be confirmed on the game server with an active internet connection when activating them

1.21.1 16 June 21 - Small bug fixes
1.21 15 June 21 - Mission Control FUEL TANK! - Base level is FREE

- All Players get 3 mission slots even without Pro Permit

- Ships gain experience and level with each launch to increase capacity and quality

- Mission Epic Research for reduced duration and increased capacity

- Intelligent Crafting

1.20.9 25 May 21 - Small improvements and bug fixes
1.20.9 2 May 2021 - Contains some bug fixes
1.20.8 30 April 2021 - New Contracts UI and features
  • Note: Added a projection for the total amount of eggs that will be delivered in a contract.
  • Note: Co-op creators can now remove any player from the co-op.
  • Note: You can now see how many boost tokens each player has spent in a co-op.
  • Note: Reduced piggy bank and golden egg rewards for the daily gift calendar.
1.20.7 14 March 2021 - Small improvements and bug fixes
1.20.6 10 March 2021 - Small improvements and bug fixes
  • Note: Added the ability to demote rarity of artifacts.
  • Note: Added two minute cooldown for cash boosts.
1.20.5 1 March 2021 - Many small/medium improvements and bug fixes
- Increased rewards for random gifts and video gifts
- Reduced some trophy rewards
- Reduced some daily gift soul egg rewards
  • Note: Added support for in-game mail.
1.20.4 15 February 2021 - Bug fixes
- Large increases to rewards for: challenges, trophies, and daily gifts
  • Note: Ability to cancel boosts added.
1.20.3 4 February 2021 - Crash fixes
- Small improvements and bug fixes
  • Note: Added confirmation box when upgrading eggs.
1.20.2 28 January 2021 - Mostly crash fixes, but also other minor improvements.
1.20.1 21 January 2021 - Latest build includes some crash fixes.
  • Note: Random gifts can no longer be opened by tapping the box on the road, patching the Box Carrying Glitch.
1.20 20 January 2021 ARTIFACTS IS HERE!
At long last, the largest update ever to Egg, Inc!
Commission deep space exploration missions to uncover over 100 artifacts from long lost civilizations around the galaxy
Unlock the secrets of the universe.
  • Note: Prices of Prophecy Bonus epic research levels have increased to 100k, 325k, 550k, 775k, and 1M Golden Eggs. Total cost is now 2,750,000 Golden Eggs.
  • Note: The 2x video doubler is no longer counted as a boost by the game, this means a boost beacon will no longer affect cash generated unless activated with a bird feed boost. A boost beacon and a soul beacon will not boost income any more. This mainly affects standard permit players.
1.12.13 10 November 2020 - Addresses issues with ad availability
1.12.12 27 October 2020 - iPhone 12 display bug fix
1.12.11 5 July 2020 - Bug fixes
1.12.10 29 June 2020 - Small improvements and bug fixes
1.12.9 5 June 2020 - Small improvements and bug fixes
1.12.8 17 March 2020 - Contract progress details now displayed on contract egg screen
1.12.7 16 March 2020 - Exponential contract progress bars to give a better feel on progress (tap to toggle)
- Press and hold boost token gift buttons
- Get a boost token as a video reward or as a random delivery!
- Elite Contract Goals & Rewards - Contract goals & rewards are now split into standard and elite. Beginning players will have more achievable goals, and expert players will have more fun and earn larger rewards, Egg of Prophecy rewards will be the same between both types!
1.12.6 21 February 2020 - See boost tokens of your coop mates!
- Several minor improvements and bug fixes
1.12.5 29 January 2020 - Minor improvements and bug fixes
- Enhanced Privacy Controls
1.12.4 10 January 2020 * Alleviates coop kick bug and age restriction bug *
1.12.3 9 January 2020 - CCPA Compliance and data consent is now expanded to ALL players
- Players who do not consent to data collection can now watch *untracked* ads for rewards!
- Piggy grows faster
- Bug fixes
1.12.2 16 December 2019 * crash fix, ads fix, instant cash boost bug fix, running chicken bonus increase
1.12.1 15 December 2019 * fix for a restore backup crash
1.12 10 December 2019 - Missions update: Complete 3 missions simultaneously
- New Boost: Soul Mirror - Mirror the Earnings Bonus of the top player of your co-op!
- Balance changes: Some cash have increased BUT while the MAX running chicken boost reduced, but it now increases farm value AND drone rewards!
- Numerous improvements and bug fixes with more to come!
1.11.5 22 October 2019 - New Help screen!
- Different purchases increment the piggy different amounts
1.11.4 10 October 2019 - Contract onboarding improvements
- Piggy cap starts lower but grows faster and ends up increasing the cap significantly
* fixes contract screen crash when no contracts are available
1.11.3 9 October 2019 - Improved contracts onboarding
- piggy cap starts lower, but increases faster.
1.11.2 1 October 2019 - 'Farm to Table' (AR) Fix
- Soul egg limit fix
- Other bug fixes
1.11.1 27 September 2019 * iPhone 11 fix
1.11 25 September 2019 Major "Quality of Life" Update
- Auto-join a Co-op! automatically matches players with Public Co-ops or will even create a new Co-op for you
- Public Co-ops: co-op creators can make a Co-op public to fill empty spots, default is still Private.
- Co-op moderation: Inactive players can now be kicked by the Co-op creator, Time cheats can be kicked by *anyone*
- UI support for larger Co-ops and the ability to view info about each co-op member
- View the gift calendar from the main menu
- TONS of small improvements and bug fixes

More to come soon!
1.10.3 23 September 2019 Fixes an issue where soul beacon gains were not saved
1.10.2 6 August 2019 Service update with minor improvements and bug fixes
1.10.1 25 July 2019 Same as 1.10.
1.10 25 July 2019 Summer Update Part 1:
- MASSIVE Boosts overhaul and upgrade! Say goodbye to endless warping.
- Boosts are now focused on one gameplay element.
- Boosts can be combined
- Over 20 unique boosts
- Boosts are given out in random gifts, daily gifts, as contract rewards, and available to buy in the boost shop for gold (which you can get for free)
- The Pro Permit has been UPGRADED for FREE: The Pro Permit allows you to use up to 5 boosts simultaneously instead of just 2 with the Standard Permit
1.9.2 4 June 2019 * crasher bug fix *
1.9.1 16 May 2019 - fixes diamond trophy reward bug from 1.9!
1.9 15 May 2019 - The DIAMOND Trophy!
- A New MASSIVE hen house
- The Hyperloop
- Balance changes to shift from an over-reliance on drones to chicken hatching and prestige. Away earnings are increased for newer players, soul egg rewards are higher, running chicken bonus dramatically increased early on, and drones are worth less and are less frequent.
- Numerous small improvements and bug fixes.

STAY TUNED for entirely new Gameplay coming in multiple Summer updates!

1.8 15 April 2019 Spring Update Part 1
- Two new eggs!
- New research
- New Daily Gift Calendar

Part 2 is coming soon!
  • Note: An under-construction hyperloop tube appeared on every farm.
1.7.7 21 October 2018 - Enables new types of contracts
- iOS 12 support
- New iPhone notch support
1.7.6 - Contracts tweaks and improvements
- New video ad for contracts only
1.7.5 13 June 2018 - Updated Privacy & Danger Controls
1.7.4 - Small improvements and bug fixes
- This update should at least partially resolve the players "blownout" by the Egg of Prophecy contract bug
- This update should also fix players some experiencing a black screen on launch
1.7.3 - Minor improvements and bug fixes
1.7.2 - Minor improvements and bug fixes
1.7.1 28 March 2018 - You can now restart contracts you accidentally exit (and it is harder to accidentally exit contracts) + other minor improvements and bug fixes.
1.7 26 March 2018 - CONTRACTS! - Complete these new time limited challenges to earn epic rewards. Complete them solo, or start a CO-OP with your friends and combine forces to earn bigger rewards! Play with eggs only available through contracts! New contracts arrive regularly.
- TWO New Eggs
- NEW TIER of Common Research
- NEW Epic Research
- A New Super Soul Egg
1.6.3 11 December 2017 - iPhone X UI fix
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Major updates coming in early 2018!
1.6.1 26 September 2017 v1.6.1 adds 360 degree detail to the farm as well as a more streamlined AR camera
1.6 18 September 2017 - Egg, Inc. AR! Or as we call it: Farm To Table*
- See your farm like never before and take pictures
* Only works on devices that support AR Kit
1.5.5 27 June 2017 - Upgradeable Piggy!
- Low Performance Mode!
- Support for time limited, global boosts and sales!
- Extra detail on welcome back screen
- Server based daily gift for more reliable gifts
- Many minor improvements and bug fixes
1.5.1 14 June 2017 - Minor improvements and bug fixes
1.5 13 April 2017 - TWO New Eggs!- A New Hen House
- A New Platinum Trophy
- New Research (Common & Epic)
- A New shipping depot level
- A New research building level
1.4.2 23 February 2017 - Increased rewards for early egg trophies (late game feature)
- New medical egg apperance
1.4.1 19 January 2017 Same as 1.4.
1.4 18 January 2017 - New Egg!
- Silos now change appearance as you upgrade their capacity and quality
- Balance changes
- Several minor improvements and bug fixes

Note about Balance: In this update we fixed a bug that caused high population farms with low value eggs to be *significantly* overvalued leading to extreme elite drone rewards which... lead to bigger and more overvalued farms. To fix this "feedback loop" we revamped of the farm valuations system and elite drone rewards. You will see your farm values change. Smaller farms will be worth more, bigger farms (100m+), often a bit less (for earlier eggs). Do not be alarmed, these changes are all in the interest of fairness * fun and think you will find the other changes we have made to drone rewards (gold and cash) as well as more generous video offers will have the game feeling more fun for advanced players and also more generous at key points in the game!

Thank you very much for playing Egg, Inc.!

1.3.1 15 December 2016 - Balance tweaks and bug fixes
1.3 13 December 2016 - New Egg!
- New feature for Late Game Players: Trophies!
- New Research (Common & Epic)!

Please Note: There are some bug fixes in this update that may lower earning rates for very late game players. This is all in the interest of fairness and fun.

1.2 21 September 2016 - New Egg!
- New Hatcheries for each egg!
- New Missions!
- New Habitat!
- New Vehicle!
- New Research!
1.1.3 6 September 2016 Performance improvements & bug fixes
1.1.2 25 August 2016 Includes minor bug fixes
1.1.1 22 August 2016 Includes minor fix for farm value display
1.1 16 August 2016 New Egg!
New Research! (common & epic)
Elite Drones - hard to get, big rewards
Shipping Dept & Research buildings grow with your farm
Performance improvements & Bug Fixes

New Egg and more coming soon!
1.0.6 26 July 2016 Share Features! Share polaroids of your farm. Snapshots automatically taken at cool moments
q/Q, s/s unit disambugation
Small improvements and bug fixes
1.0.5 22 July 2016 Touch responsiveness fix
Local notifications bug fix [.] Fixes coming in a FUTURE update:
Future Semi Pricing confusion: 'q' = Quadrillion, 'Q' = Quintillion :)
1.0.4 19 July 2016 Option to turn off force touch boost shortcut (in settings)
News story spelling corrections. Thanks, Noah!
Piggy Bank description update
Other small improvements and bug fixes
More feedback being considered/implemented for upcoming updates!
1.0.3 15 July 2016 iOS8 crash fix
balance tweaks
1.0 14 July 2016 First release
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