Egg Inc Wiki

Vehicles are used to export eggs. There are twelve tiers of vehicles.

You can look in your vehicle tab by tapping the Shipping Depot. The depot changes appearance as capacity increases. In the upper right corner, there is a bar showing the current eggs/min vs the maximum the depot can handle. The color of the bar changes from green to yellow to red as the eggs/min approaches maximum shipping capacity.

Certain types of research will increase the carrying capacity of vehicles or decrease the price. The base price of buying or upgrading a vehicle depends on how many of that level of vehicle you have immediately before your purchase, not on how many vehicles you have of any other level.

Each vehicle you purchase will add Golden Egg10 to your Piggy Bank (if your Piggy Bank is not yet at the cap).

Farms start out with a trike and four vehicle slots, but upgrades will allow you to have up to 17 vehicles.


Note: As of 1.12.11, prices are accurate to ±.001 the Order of Magnitude.

Photo Name Base Capacity (eggs/min) Price Range
Trike 5,000 Bocks10.93 - 4,190
Transit van.png
Transit Van 15,000 Bocks548 - 130,988
Pickup 50,000 Bocks26,848 - 153.232M
10 foot.png
10 Foot 100,000 Bocks10,519,798 - 849.204M
24 foot.png
24 Foot 250,000 Bocks936.556M - 30.994T
Semi 500,000 Bocks10.864T - 203.502q
Double semi.png
Double Semi 1,000,000 Bocks90.622q - 715.438Q
Future semi.png
Future Semi 5,000,000 Bocks761.046Q - 5.6164S
Mega semi.png
Mega Semi 15,000,000 Bocks4.614S - 12.646o
Hover semi.png
Hover Semi 30,000,000 Bocks48.398o - 1.316d
Quantum transporter.png
Quantum Transporter 50,000,000 Bocks2.282d - 44.906d
Hyperloop Train 50,000,000 Bocks490.446d - 10.172D

Hyperloop Train and Hyperloop Train Car

Hyperloop engine.png Hyperloop car.pngHyperloop car.pngHyperloop car.pngHyperloop car.pngHyperloop car.png

The Hyperloop Train is a unique vehicle. It is composed of the Hyperloop Engine and Hyperloop Cars. When it is purchased, 4 more cars that cost Bocks1.422U - 5.038D with identical shipping capacity can be purchased and attached to the back of the train. This can be upgraded to 9 extra cars with Graviton Coupling, effectively multiplying the total shipping capacity by 10. It cannot be seen in-game and resides in the Hyperloop.


  • Tapping on a vehicle makes it honk; different vehicles make different honks.
    • The exception to this is the Hyperloop Train, which doesn't honk because it exists inside the Hyperloop.
  • The Transit Van delivers boxes, while the Pickup delivers newspapers, even if your fleet doesn't have either.
  • Trikes and Pickups are the only vehicles to have boxes appear in the car after stopping at the Shipping Depot.
  • When upgrading a vehicle from Double Semi to Future Semi or from Hover Semi to Quantum Transporter, the size of the vehicle shrinks despite egg capacity increasing.
  • The yellow lines of the Quantum Transporter also appear on the level 7 Shipping Depot.
  • The Hover Semi, Quantum Transporter, and Hyperloop Train all count as hover vehicles for the purpose of the "Hover Upgrades" research in Tier 9.
  • The Quantum Transporter is exactly 5,000 times as powerful than the Trike.