Complaints about the co-op feature.

So, I finally decided to set my Co-Op to Private after 11 active members to prevent sleepers. Somehow, 2 people guessed the name of my co-op and joined it. I can't kick them, and one of them had a 3 quadrillion times the earning bonus I had (soul mirror). I can't kick them. I can't do anything with them. They are there, somehow. My co-op name is 18 characters long, and 2 people somehow guessed the name and joined it. All I was trying to do was prevent sleepers. That's it. But, that's not going to happen if I get random people guessing the name of my co-op.

Since they just recently joined my co-op they don't have the zzzs that sleepers normally do, and I can't kick them. It's getting annoying.

Please add another system of private. What I'm thinking is to change the Private to Private-Public and then add a new 'Private' which locks everyone out of your co-op. Cause I don't want any more people joining, that's the main reason I set it to private in the first place.

I also don't want people with over 1 million times the soul eggs or earnings bonus I do. And having someone with over 1 quadrillion times the bonus as me and won't leave my co-op is really weird, as I don't have that myself.

Looking forward to kicking the people who managed to guess my co-op name.


Update: Another person managed to guess the name of my co-op and joined with 12 QUADRILLION EGGS LAID, automatically completing the first goal. This is unacceptable, as I did not earn that goal myself!

And I know that he joined a minute ago is because 1) He upped the members to 14, and he is a new name member. 2) He doesn't have the clock symbol, so he isn't suspected of time cheating or anything, even though he has 12 quadrillion eggs laid.

Update 2: Somehow got the co-op full when the co-op, again, was set to private. When I used soul mirror I immediately went from the sextillions to the undecillions and the masters won't leave my group. Help!

Update 3: Give us an option to kick whoever we want so that we don't have 0-eggers that randomly come on every day so they don't get the zzzs please.

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