I have seen barely any activity from the staff members today. I, meanwhile, have fixed grammar errors in pages, added to pages, and commented a lot to help the players or to show my progress to the others. I have not seen a single edit or comment from any of the staff today, unfortunately. I don't mean this as harm against the staff, but I would like them to be more active.

How much wiki activity do I need to become eligible for moderator? I'm thinking 3 months if that. I am still early in the game so I won't be able to add (to) late-game pages.

That's it, peace.

Update: I just made a new blog post about the staff not being active for 3 days, and that is true, all I see in the recent activities is me and a fandom user who isn't staff. I'm on the one after the Tachyon egg, I don't remember what that egg is called, however, I do expect activity from moderators, admins, etc. I will be posting updates every month after this if the staff aren't active.

Update 2: It has not been a month, however, I only saw one staff member come online for the past week (24680 FPIC). I want the others to come online as well.

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