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    Complaints about the co-op feature.

    So, I finally decided to set my Co-Op to Private after 11 active members to prevent sleepers. Somehow, 2 people guessed the name of my co-op and joined it. I can't kick them, and one of them had a 3 quadrillion times the earning bonus I had (soul mirror). I can't kick them. I can't do anything with them. They are there, somehow. My co-op name is 18 characters long, and 2 people somehow guessed the name and joined it. All I was trying to do was prevent sleepers. That's it. But, that's not going to happen if I get random people guessing the name of my co-op.

    Since they just recently joined my co-op they don't have the zzzs that sleepers normally do, and I can't kick them. It's getting annoying.

    Please add ano…

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  • Randomer3213

    I would really like the creators to add the kick option to any co-op member such as 0-eggers or players who carry our team without asking plus add a co-op feature in the home farm.

    P.S. sorry for adding so many blog posts xD.

    What I would like to add the kick function to:

    Players who don't contribute at all or contribute very little while still checking in every day basically asking for a reward for free.

    Players who contribute too much in my opinion, carrying our team for no reason.

    And you should be able to promote people to higher ranks so they can kick sleepers.

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  • Randomer3213


    - Drones, ads, boxes, etc. make it easy to gather golden eggs

    - Prices aren't expensive AF

    - Not P2W because you can gather a relative amount of soul eggs but it's a slow process

    - Lots of random rewards and gifts


    - Contracts are always rated 'Hard - Impossible'

    - Sleepers in contracts get annoying especially when you aren't the creator of the group

    - Eggs of Prophecy are impossible to get without having to wait an entire month to get one.

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  • Randomer3213

    the title says it all

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  • Randomer3213

    To people who think the creators of this game are money hungry, they aren't:

    The Pro Permit only costs 7.99 but has a lot of features such as:

    -10 silos instead of 2

    -5 boosts at once

    -Purple instead of grey permit

    And the Piggy Bank only costs 4.99 despite maybe having more golden eggs than the Truckload which is 19.99.

    Even still, there are various ways to get golden eggs without spending money, including:



    -Ad offers

    -Daily gifts




    -Welcome Back gifts

    I hate how people think the creator is money hungry when really, he's not, with a few reasons to why he is not:

    -No forced ads, only ads containing rewards

    -Cheap upgrades

    -Piggybank can be more valuable than something that costs the same or more money

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