I am on my 10th prestige and running up the 1B edible egg farm trophy. I smash a epic tachyon and come back to population halt at 945M. DAMN! Now I have 2 portals, 2 Mono's and 1.2U cash. Next Portal is 129U. I can't earn that sitting idle or just crashing drones it will take months!
I am almost maxed out on epic research now and even the Money Printer boost will only give me 2 at a time. so the 11 that i have wont make a dent... i would be loathed to have to sell the farm 50M shy of my 1Billion trophy, i need those soul eggs reward!! 

Any help or suggestions on how to push past this would be awesome...  I could spend on upgrading transport research but how would that help my earnings rate enough to get to 129U?


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