I'm wondering about a few details that may be worth cleaning up with contracts:

  1. What is meant by the "Unlocked" field on the Contract page and each individual contract's page? As I understand, the unlock criteria is always just unlocking the type of egg needed. eg, unlock superfood eggs to do a superfood contract. If that's the case, isn't the field redundant? it would be better replaced with a statement like, "Note that in order to participate in any contract, you must have already unlocked that contract's type of egg in your home farm".
  2. Can we delete comments related to recruiting from pages where they don't belong? For instance, the 2 comments on Super Food Drive.Now that the contract is over, these comments serve no purpose and they may actually be problematic if contracts turn out to repeat.
  3. Finally, since difficulty always varies, should we just remove it from the table in every contract page? If the answer is always the same, it's best served by a single comment on Contract. "The difficulty listed in-game for any contract is based on your personal bonus and so varies from player to player. "

What do you all think?

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