EDIT (September 15, 2016): I got accepted! Thanks all, and wiki on. Hey, everyone!

So, I first came upon this wiki about a month ago. It is a great small wiki, and I love to edit here!

Sadly, there's one caveat: The creator of the wiki abandoned it shortly after creation, and with no administration, the wiki's core elements cannot be changed (for instance, the logo that currently just says "Egg Inc Wiki"). Also, with no staff, there is no banning. No rules. Anyone is free to do what they want, and that cannot be allowed.

Thus, I have taken the incentive to adopt this wiki. In order to be accepted, one of the criteria is to make a public announcement that this will happen, and that is this blog post. I hope you see that as great step for the Egg, Inc. Wiki, and if you want to contest this decision send me a message.

Also, the proposal is here:,_Inc._Wiki



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