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Way back in September 2016, I approached Egg Inc Wiki Founder DarkStar about granting Admin and Bureaucrat (ability to appoint and demote Admins) rights to Enigma and me since DarkStar had basically abandoned the wiki the moment he started it, and the editors in 2016 needed some admin privileges to help improve the wiki. You can view some background on that first adoption in my post on DarkStar's wall and Enigma's blog. Ultimately, Enigma ended up becoming the Bureaucrat at that time, and he appointed a few people (myself included) as Admins.

Since then, lots of stuff has changed in Egg Inc, but the wiki... didn't really change as much as it should have. But finally things are back on-track, and in due time the wiki should be better than ever.

Late last month, 24 recognized the need for a new adoption of this wiki, since Enigma had stopped playing Egg Inc and abandoned the wiki long ago. He created a blog post to propose this to the community and continued the discussion with the relevant member of Wikia's staff in this thread.

Upon learning that there were actually still people interested in improving the wiki, I finally got past my much-repeated "I'm going to get back to the wiki" phase and actually got back to the wiki and have now been back every day for about a week. I never left the game and am probably within the top 40 or so players in Mystical Egg bonus, I visit the Discord (and always respond to PMs there), and now I've fixed my Fandom notifications so I will always know whenever someone posts on my wall here as well.

Since I'm still playing Egg Inc since July 24th 2016 through today at 29 years old, I don't foresee myself abandoning Egg Inc, so even though 24 would make an awesome Admin (and I've enjoyed working with him the past week) I would rather take the Bureaucrat role myself - it would be a great culmination to my initiation of that discussion nearly 3 years ago.

So after this brief stall in the wiki's "Adoption 2.0" by 24, I'm opening the discussion on "Adoption 2.1" by me. According to the guidelines on wiki adoption, I'd only need to be active editing here for 7 consecutive days (achieved as of today or tomorrow) and have the approval of any other admins with activity on this wiki from the past 60 days in order to secure Bureaucrat rights (at present time, that would be only Storm). However, I'm opening this up to anyone in the community who wants to voice their thoughts on my new adoption proposal.

Assuming this blog post is met with approval, I will submit my formal adoption request to Fandom staff within the next few days.