If we're all honest, I've been a terrible admin and bureaucrat 97% of the time in terms of getting anything done.

I mean I don't destroy the wiki or promote/demote the wrong people, but I'm just not around unless notified with the exception of a few isolated stints of activity.

I have all these great plans I always make, but then they stagnate and nothing happens.

But you know who has been a great editor and admin? 24 - the guy who filed the second adoption request in the first place. So I'm promoting him to Bureaucrat of the wiki.

While I was worried at the time he might go inactive just as other people did eventually, he has proven to stick around and help out the wiki more than anyone else ever did.

(And even if theoretically he does disappear I still have my own Bureaucrat rights so I can still assign more Bureaucrats and Administrators in the future. But I do trust that 24 is going to stay around and that he wouldn't leave without finding an active successor. So this should be irrelevant.)

So yeah... I'm gonna stop my ridiculous blog posts (maybe even delete some old ones) touting intended change and just hand the reigns over to 24.

I'm still playing Egg Inc and can still be reached by message on my page if anyone ever needs me specifically.

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