I'm thinking about making some new place on the wiki where editors can see a list of editing tasks the wiki could use (in some cases quite desperately). We seem to all know the wiki needs updating, but none of us get paid and sometimes we may not have (1) the info needed to make an update, (2) the editing skills to get some task done, or (3) the time commitment to figure out that info or gain those editing skills. Consequently, the wiki remains in a disappointing state.

We've made great progress at some times (like a couple months when 24 was very active), but sooner or later (usually sooner) we always seem to lose momentum. To help us pool our skills and have some kind of unified direction, it would be good for us to improve our communication with Reddit and Discord. To compile their complaints here (and hopefully have them contact us directly on the wiki as well) into a nice list of stuff to do.

We of course have categories for pages that need work, broken links, and other standard cleanup tasks, but we're missing a widely used central communication place to guide everyone's work.

Yeah, we have the Discord channel on the wiki, but that is so rarely used, and permission for that channel is only given to wiki staff, so it doesn't really help much for communication with normal would-be editors. Maybe we could get the Discord to add a channel to be used specifically for non-staff to talk to wiki editors. Like we could have our private wiki-staff channel but also a public wiki-comments channel. Should I bring that up with someone on Discord?

Maybe we could also get the Reddit to direct people to some spot for communication with us. Like put something in the sidebar about either joining the discord to talk in the wiki-comments channel or (if someone doesn't want to or can't join Discord) DM'ing me on Reddit (p2010t) and I can relay their comments there.

I believe better communication is the key to our wiki becoming better. A bunch of on-and-off casual solo editors aren't really getting it done - at least not to the extent that the community would appreciate.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on this post. I'd love to hear them.

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