Hello, I'm 24680FPIC.

I've been working on this wiki for quite some time and have noticed the inactive bureaucracy, consisting of two people, DarkStar and EnigmaLord. I am currently ranked second in the leaderboards and have constructed many of the templates/icons before units in the wiki, along with generally beautifying the looks and colors.
There are several articles that need attention[1][2], but I lack the permissions to take action. I plan to also promote some of the staff that have been working hard on this wiki as a moderator and deserve more permissions, as well as move some article names and file names for consistency.
Since there have been admins still working on this wiki, this blog post will let the community as a whole decide whether I should be able to step up and adopt this wiki.

I have made the adoption request. You can see it here.

Thank you for your time,
~24680 FPIC

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