Hello! I got into incremental games when my friend showed me Universal Paperclips (which I've now beaten several times). I played several others, and I found this one on the iOS App Store. I've been playing it for 2 years now (at time of writing, I'm at a Dark Matter egg), and want to contribute to the wiki to help and inspire others to get better, to indirectly help myself in Co-ops and badges, and because I'm being a good person.

My Piggy BankEdit

I'm trying to get all Epic Research done by cracking the Piggy Bank once! This has been helped by events, which increased the amount added, and contracts, which levelled up and doubled my Piggy Bank's contents many times!

Update: I cracked it, and completed all Epic Research, with over 2 million left over! I recommend using the Epic Research Cost Calculator. It really helped me in deciding which ones to go for, and when to crack my Piggy Bank and flood everything.

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