• I live in Monterrey, Mex
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

MisterMaw3er Edit

Hello! I LOVE video games, specially Adventure, Strategy and some Shooters, I personally don’t like playing tycoon games, a good exception is Egg Inc, which I started playing since June 2017, I love outer space and related things and I would be interested in responding several questions, I’m currently VERY active, so you can co-op with me in several contracts. :)

Stats Edit

Here is a chart showing my stats as of March 8th 2019:

Stats of: Name Stats in numbers Info about
Best egg Nebula 17
Best farm value N/A 1.709 A LOT
Current soul eggs N/A 31,054,322,971 I prestige when my disponible soul eggs are higher than my current soul eggs, at least earning a 20% of my original amount, trophy soul eggs are included
Current prophecy eggs N/A 16 Made out of fifteen contracts
Current quantity of prestiges N/A 46 I like prestiging (who doesn’t)
Lifetime earnings N/A 79.099 (A LOT’s)
Value per soul egg (including prophecy eggs that are 10% each) N/A 673% N/A
Best farm population N/A 1.45 bn chickens I get this population by having four planet portals with all possible expansion research except for planet portal expansion research that is partially complete
Best score (in orders of magnitude) N/A 55.19 Oom Currently this is about top ~0.0131% (top #939! best player)
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