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Egg inc Stats

Properties Values
Game Version 1.2
Farm Value
Farm Value OoM
Farm Population
Egg Value
Soul Egg Bonus
Egg Laying Rate
Hatchery Rate
Eggs Laid
Drone Takedowns
Elite Drone Takedowns
Prestige Earnings
Lifetime Earnings
Soul Eggs
Current Egg Immortality
Worldwide Rank
Game Center Farm Value
Game Center Farm Size
Game Center Soul Eggs
Game Center Achivements
Golden Eggs
Cash influx
Piggy Bank size
Piggy Bank opens
Tier 1 Progress
Tier 2 Progress
Tier 3 Progress
Tier 4 Progress
Tier 5 Progress
Tier 6 Progress
Tier 7 Progress
Tier 8 Progress
Tier 9 Progress
Common Research Progress
Epic Research Progress
Total Research Progress
Missions Left
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