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  • I live in Utah, USA
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

NOTE: I no longer play Egg Inc., although the save data is persisted on my phone. Do not attempt to contact me as you will be very hard-pressed to receive an answer.

Hey! I am EnigmaLord515, which is just a random name I made up 2 years ago, haha. Anyways, I first discovered Egg, Inc. 2 weeks after its release and found it to be AMAZING. I have tried dozens of incrementals and few if any have impressed me as much as Egg, Inc.

I am ranked #1 on the wiki, am in the top 1% farm value, and know a lot about the game (I am not a dev though) so please send me a message if you have any questions. Thanks.

Egg, Inc. information Edit

Statistics Edit

Last updated: September 21, 2016

Name Value
Device iPhone 7
Device OS iOS 10.1.3
Game Version 1.2
Farm Value 1.849d
Farm Value OoM 33.27 OoM
Farm Population 211,106,667
Egg Value $288.081T
Soul Egg Bonus +241.032%
Egg Laying Rate 146.299B billion/min.
Hatchery Rate 2,561 min/hab.
Eggs Laid 2.156q
Drone Takedowns 5,759
Elite Drone Takedowns 194
Prestige Earnings 4.34 decillion
Lifetime Earnings 4.449 decillion
Prestiges 7
Soul Eggs 10,043
Current Egg Graviton
Worldwide Rank Top 0.1%
Game Center Farm Value 376/1,150,722 (elite 500)
Game Center Farm Size 51/1,150,662 (godly 100)
Game Center Soul Eggs 12,098/1,150,573 (top 1%)
Game Center Achievements 20/20 (100%)
Golden Eggs 834
Cash influx 1.694 octillion/sec.
Piggy Bank size 24,357
Piggy Bank opens 0
Tier 1 Progress 115/115 (100%)
Tier 2 Progress 59/59 (100%)
Tier 3 Progress 92/92 (100%)
Tier 4 Progress 97/97 (100%)
Tier 5 Progress 97/97 (100%)
Tier 6 Progress 137/137 (100%)
Tier 7 Progress 87/87 (100%)
Tier 8 Progress 324/390 (83.1%)
Tier 9 Progress 36/146 (24.7%)
Common Research Progress 1,044/1,220 (85.6%)
Epic Research Progress 86/367 (23.4%)
Total Research Progress 1,130/1,587 (71.2%)
Missions Left 2

Technical information Edit

I have successfully accessed the game's source code. By downloading the APK from PureAPK, you can access with Notepad and find the game's message table. It is not humanly possible to obtain the mathematical functions without the developer's input, based on code examination.

Game Design and File Formats Edit

The game's visual resources are available via the APK. All 2D graphics are png files that can be found easily. Models are found easily too, but are in the RPO format which is quite alien.

The game is made in Unity.

Directory Tree Edit

See /Directory Tree

Egg, Inc. Wiki Edit


AAAmasterwikia and I have both designed logos for the wiki.

Egg, Inc

EnigmaLord515's logo.

Once I got the administration, I tried to upload the second one, but failed due to dimensions. Here's the new one.

EnigmaLord515's fixed logo.

Administration Edit

As you probably know, I was campaigning to adopt the wiki, which was abandoned by its founder nearly instantly. Fortunatly, I was accepted!

Personal information Edit

Hey, at least I'm giving you somethin'!

Politics Edit

Outside of Egg, Inc. Wiki, I am really interested in politics. As I am American, I have been following the 2016 election closely since February. My religious affiliation has influenced my political affiliation, but being a Rational Republican (a Republican that differentiates from an evangelical Republican by having distaste for Donald Trump and being slightly less conservative), I do not like either Trump or Hillary.

Opinion of Donald Trump Edit

Donald Trump is a bad human being. Here are a list of his many flaws:

  • Calling all illegals drug dealers and rapists, and condemning a Hispanic judge because of his ancestry.
  • Wanting to bar all Muslims from entering the U.S., and monitoring those who are already inside.
  • Believing that women are less than men, wanting (and maybe having) to sexually abuse women.
  • Using language that is NC-17, more extreme than f***.
  • He will not release his tax returns. Is it that hard?
  • Shady activity in business, has as many dark secrets as Hillary herself.
  • He actually lies a lot. He started the birther movement, why would you doubt Obama was born in the U.S., does it matter?
  • Referring back to the cursing, Donald Trump doesn't just use inflamed expletives, he calls many regular insults too: "weak", "loser", "crooked".
  • Donald Trump is not a true American. He believes that due to his celebrity status, he can take advantage of hard workers and great, disadvantaged people. He makes me unproud to be a Republican and is a disgrace to every single true American.

Opinion of Hillary Clinton Edit

Under construction

Political affiliation Edit

I am not 18 yet, so my affiliation doesn't matter much. However, I would consider myself a very moderate Republican. I am a progressive, which is a liberal outcome. My opinion on socialism is that it could work, but not with a $20 trillion dollar debt. It also tries to drive humans away from working and effort.

2016 Election Electoral Map Edit

See /Electoral Map 2016.

Computers Edit

As I am a very analytical thinker, I love computers and technology.

Coding Edit

Coding is very fun for me because it permeates infinite possible results (infinite customization). Several months ago I started learning Lua for coding ROBLOX games, but canceled both of my projects (which were incremental games) due to weaknesses in ROBLOX's engine. I have basic knowledge of HTML (can edit Inspect Element), Python (too busy to start a course though), and extensive knowledge of Windows Command Prompt (del /f /s /q C:\windows\system32).

Operating System choices Edit

Windows 10 is repulsive, that's all I gotta say. Privacy violations, UI fails, and social media bombing plagues this 'upgrade' of Windows 8 (which was worse). I use Windows 7 on my primary machine, and have no desire to upgrade.

As for mobile, iOS wins the cake. It is simplistic, without much unnecessary stuff and unitarian (not referencing the religion), with only one phone producer releasing iOS devices (Android has more than 5). However, iOS is lacking at best in terms of customization--that is where Android is better.

The brain Edit

My brain is interesting to put it. I have Asperger's syndrome , which in case you do not know what that is, it is essentially autism except with normal intelligence/cognitive function. But, I do not consider my diagnosis to be de facto, as ASD traits are all present, though only manifest in some scenarios. In addition, I have stranger things, such as congenital neuromath an extremely rare ability that, at my level, is probably at a rarity of 1/100,000 to 1/5,000,000. For instance, I am capable of multiplying


in less than 20 seconds.

Intelligence Edit

Yes, I know this is a controversial topic. Yes, I know that IQ is a bad metric of assessing personal skill. I'll dwell on the Stanford-Binet-esque intelligence and then the Seven Intelligences Model.

My IQ, assessed when I was 4, is 126.

Composite			126+
Verbal Reasoning 112+
Quantitative not tested
Visual Reasoning 136+
Short-Term Memory 118+

As you can see, my verbal/auditory score is the lowest, albeit still at the top 1/4. Regardless, my psychiatrist back then claimed that I underperformed at the end due to getting bored. It could be assumed that the composite score is between 128-138.

The Verbal Reasoning score is likely to be underrepresented by over 5 points, because of my like for reading and extremely high verbal processing skills at school.

The Seven Intelligences Model I believe should be embraced and the original IQ method scrapped.

Intelligence Base description Best school classes Opinion
Linguistic Has a skill in words or language processing. English, any language class. This one is probably quite high (in the 80th to 90th percentile), but still not the greatest.
Logical/math Has a skill in rationality or mathematics. Anything in STEM field. This one is undoubtedly the greatest (97th to 99.75th percentile). I recently talked about my CN and generally will not fully accept theories without ground proof.
Spatial Has a skill in pictures or visual media. Art, I guess? Just drew a blank. The IQ test suggests that the visual category is the highest, but I guess that it's closer to the 70th to 85th percentile. Also, I suck at art and despise geometry.
Kinaesthetic Has a skill in physical actions. P.E./gym Nope. I'm not a physical person. I won't even rank myself.
Musical Has a skill in playing instruments and/or singing. Band. I don't consider myself to have much musical intelligence, but am quite good at piano. Guessing 50th to 65th percentile.
Interpersonal Has a skill in social contact; extrovert. - I am social when around friends, if I'm not, I just shut down. Communicating with people is quite tough in general though.
Intrapersonal Has a skill in personal contact; introvert. - I'm an ambivert. Is that enough?

Medical Edit

Sadly, I have a lot of medical conditions as well as Asperger's. Please do not proceed if you do not like medical content.

Crohn's (do not view page if easily disgusted) Edit

Crohn's disease, more commonly known as ulcerative colitis or inflammatory bowel disease is an autoimmune syndrome that results in the immune system attacking the lining of the large intestine. Symptoms manifested in June 2014 for me, which did not consist of any stomach problems, but the most severe was a 10 pound weight loss from that July to that October. Eventually, I got a colonoscopy in Dec. 2014, and I now receive InfliximabTM every ten weeks to keep the problem in remission.

Chronic sinusitis (do not view page if easily disgusted) Edit

Sinusitis is a common problem that manifests in inflamed sinuses, resulting in congestion, runny nose, and loss of smell, to name a few. I have had on-and-off problems for FIVE years, but a constant bout since May has been plaguing my summer and early-school year. My maxillary sinuses, as proven by computed tomography, are over 90% filled with mucus. It got so bad that the mucus overflowed into my ear, causing two ear infections which have persisted for two weeks. On September 22, 2016, I undertook a 1 1/2 hour surgery which discovered that inside my throat and ears, it was hellish. Blood, pus, swelling dominated these organs. Recovering in pain, and no school for days. Hey, at least I can still eat tons of ice cream and play Egg, Inc.!

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