Hi, and welcome to my user page.

My name is Dream, and I've been an active player of Egg Inc from the start, getting to "A Lot" when it was just tredecillion. Since contracts and prophecy eggs were introduced, I've maintained the maximum legal number possible (with the exception of getting just 1 or 2 days behind on the Gift Calendar and losing the 10 PE from the Diamond Enlightenment trophy when the dev removed it from those who box carried).

In June 2019 I was promoted from Admin to Bureaucrat here, and now I can promote helpful editors to Admin. If you have any questions or want to propose yourself as an admin, please leave a message on my wall here or DM me on Discord.

Important Note

I am NOT the developer Egg Inc, and my business is not affiliated with it. The game is created by Auxbrain, so any bugs or feedback about the game should be sent to support@auxbrain.com (I cannot guarantee your message will be read or receive a reply since again I'm not affiliated with Egg Inc, but that's the best place for it).

My Personal Stats

Last Update: Monday, March 15th, 2021

Name Value
Soul Eggs 11.960Q
Prophecy Eggs 163
Drone Takedowns 51,795
Elite Drone Takedowns 3,350
Lifetime Earnings 71.760 sesvigintillion
Prestiges 740
Earnings Bonus +30.330o%
Discord Role Yottafarmer III
Current Golden Eggs 6.00M
Golden Eggs in Piggy 120,246,619

I also have a second account (on Android rather than iOS) for which I do far fewer prestiges but still maintain maximum legal Prophecy Eggs (minus the Enlightenment Diamond Trophy). My second account is usually at 1-2% of the soul egg count as my primary account.

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