aka Alex

Bureaucrat Administrator
  • I live in Redmond, WA
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is App Developer and Math Instructor
  • I am Male

Hi, and welcome to my user page.

My name is Dream, and I've been an active player of Egg Inc from the start, getting to "A Lot" when it was just tredecillion. Since contracts and prophecy eggs were introduced, I've maintained the maximum legal number possible (with the exception of getting just 1 or 2 days behind on the Gift Calendar).

In June 2019 I was promoted from Admin to Bureaucrat here, and as of May 2020 I'm the only admin/bureaucrat still playing the game. I'd like to promote some more admins, but in the meantime if you have any questions or want to propose yourself as an admin, please leave a message on my wall here or DM me on Discord.

My Personal Stats Edit

Last Update: Sunday, June 7th, 2020

Name Value
Farm Value 65.436qV
Farm Value OoM 76.82
Farm Population 11,340,000,000
Egg Value 1.028d
Soul Eggs 8.079Q
Prophecy Eggs 144
Egg Laying Rate 62.869T eggs/min
Int. Hatchery Rate 372,000,000 ckns/min/hab (while using boost)
Eggs Laid 470.566Q
Drone Takedowns 49,666
Elite Drone Takedowns 3,226
Prestige Earnings 15.215 quinvigintillion
Lifetime Earnings 326.354 quinvigintillion
Prestiges 636
Discord Role Yottafarmer II
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