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I am an Egg Inc. player who has prestiged multiple times, and is up to graviton egg. I was shown Egg Inc by my friend who is up to graviton egg (needs updating). I quickly got into it and found I liked it more than any other game on any device in my house!

I am the least experienced admin so I suggest go to another admin for late game questions. (I know stuff up to Terraform egg.)

My Activity

I recently was inactive for a 3rd of a year because of a mandatory school camp, but I have come back. I will try to get on the wiki every day, however there are going to be some days when I don't have access.

Egg inc Stats

Do not bother to read, I prestige 2 to 3 time a day.

Game Version 1.?
Farm Value 2.515S
Farm Value OoM 24.40 OoM
Farm Population 2,5xx
Egg Value $263.232m
Soul Egg Bonus +940,000
Egg Laying Rate 550,000/min.
Hatchery Rate 161 min/hab.
Eggs Laid 9.o5t
Drone Takedowns 2543
Elite Drone Takedowns 178
Prestige Earnings 2.53 septillion
Lifetime Earnings 81.071 octillion
Prestiges 8
Soul Eggs 37,636
Current Egg immortality
Worldwide Rank ?
Game Center Farm Value ?
Game Center Farm Size ?
Game Center Soul Eggs ?
Game Center Achievements ?
Golden Eggs 67
Cash influx 33q/SEC
Piggy Bank size 7543
Piggy Bank opens 1
Tier 1 Progress 115/115 (100%)
Tier 2 Progress 59/59 (100%)
Tier 3 Progress 92/92 (100%)
Tier 4 Progress 97/97 (100%)
Tier 5 Progress 97/97 (100%)
Tier 6 Progress 136/137
Tier 7 Progress 18/87
Tier 8 Progress 0/390
Tier 9 Progress 0/146
Common Research Progress ?/1,220
Epic Research Progress 140/367
Total Research Progress ?/1,587
Missions Left ?

Personal information

Something is better than nothing...

On the right is an infobox about physical attributes. Below are some of my opinions.

Mobile OS

Personally, I am an Apple, and so iOS, fan but I know others would have differing opinions. I prefer iOS because it's simply the best OS I have tried.

Computer OS

Hail Apple the almighty, bringer of MacOS .

Favourite Game (Apart from Egg Inc!)

My favourite game is constantly fluctuating, right now I am getting into a bit of Starbound.



I have recently been tested and diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which is a higher functioning form of autism. I have equal if not superior mental ability to my peers.


Other than that, I have only 2 broken bones on my medical record.

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