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The game will start up. When it is ready, it will prompt you to tap a red button with a chicken outline on it. Do so. This will cause a chicken to appear within a fence attached to a building called the hatchery. It will then change the red button into a red bar and prompt you to use multiple fingers. Do so. From then on you will only be prompted by circle buttons on the side of the screen. I will explain about these later.

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Now would be a good time to do a "chicken swarm". That is, tap the bar with as many fingers as you can, as many times as you can, as fast as you can until the green bar at the top with a silhouette of a chick beside becomes empty. (It will momentarily go red first.) You should get about 250 chickens from that.

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Now would be a good time to get another coop or two or maybe a shack and another trike or a transit. This is how you get a coop or a shack. You tap on the building that the chickens went into. A menu will come up with 4 slots, one filled in with a coop. Tap another slot and another menu will come up. Tap a green button (I would recommend the most expensive) and the menu will close and you will see another house beside the first. Do this with the other slots. To get a vehicle, tap the building beside the road and you will see 4 more slots, 1 filled. Repeat the house process with the vehicles.

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Now, if you want to get as much offline money as you can, you should buy a silo. To do so, tap on the existing silo and tap the button that says Build Silo $100,000. This will allow you to earn money for 2 offline hours. This can be upgraded with the use of epic upgrades and a pro silo permit. Don't forget to keep chicken swarming when the hatchery bar is full!

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This would be a good time to start doing research. To do so, tap on either the flask or the building with a telescope on it. This will bring up a menu with more green buttons with prices. Press one that you like the idea of. (Nutritional supplements and comfortable nests recommended.) Comfortable nests will increase egg laying rate and nutritional supplements will increase egg worth.

After this, it's your adventure! Some good suggestions would be to continue upgrading, change eggs when available, and prestige when you are ready. Happy hatching!

(Tip: when you see a drone tap on it. It will give you rewards of either money compared to your farm value or golden eggs.)

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