• Hey aaaa4xaa,

    Dreampenguin and I have been dealing with your edits for a while. Some of them are good, but there are several that can be unambiguously considered spam or vandalism. This includes the replies to the comment below. Seeing from your other edits to other wikis, you have some history in page vandalism and low quality edits.

    This is your first warning. Please make better edits and comments, and don't make them for the sole reason of getting achievement points.

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    • Yeediot

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    • Insulting the staff is not improving anything. This will be a 2 day block.

      Please try to be a better Fandom user.

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    • For the record, I agree with what 24 has said.

      I see your block has now expired. I appreciate your desire to help, and please put care into any edits you do from now on since the block can easily be re-instated.

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    • A FANDOM user
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