• I noticed you added "difficulty" for a couple of articles.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no in-game difficulty rating given to the Missions, and I'd rather present objective information in the table than subjective information. For that reason I'm going to rollback your changes to that page.

    I'm also rolling back your edit to Contracts/Super Food Drive because even though contracts *do* have difficulty listed, that difficulty can vary depending on your own earnings bonus. In other words, one person might see Freebie while a brand new player might see Impossible.

    Please also utilize the "Edit summary" box when you make edits. Just describe in a few words what you do with each edit. Like your edit earlier could've been summarized as "added difficulty column to table".

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    • Why


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    • Yeediot!!!

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    • I believe I have explained myself sufficiently in my post. However, I will add a few words.

      Edit summaries are useful because it allows someone to quickly see what was updated while viewing the Special:Recentchanges page and the history page for whichever page was edited.

      I'd also like to add that discussions on this wiki are easiest if everyone is speaking in the language of the wiki. I'm not sure, for example, what you mean by "2D엇". I put it into Google Translate, but it only says "2D switching", which doesn't make sense.

      For that matter, "Yeediot" doesn't make sense either - is it some abbreviated form of "you idiot"? I hope not, as I haven't done anything that would warrant my being called an idiot here.

      I do appreciate some of your contributions to the wiki. For example, adding the note about Enlightenment Egg's value displaying as 0.00 was great, and you correctly changed the percentage of additional hyperloop cars into an integer number of additional hyperloop cars. But in some other cases, your edits have needed some clean-up. For example, you added a "Needs revision" and "Needs Revision" category (Fandom treated those as two separate things) when we already had a "Needs update" category which displays on a page whenever you add the corresponding template to the page.

      I am happy to discuss anything you want to discuss with me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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