• Hi. I see you're the founder of the wiki but abandoned it rather quickly.

    While I know there is a way of contacting Wikia staff to try to get powers changed over to other people, the protocol is to try contacting the founder first to see if he can promote someone else to Admin or Bureaucrat.

    Looking at the Leaderboard, EnigmaLord515 and I are tied for the most achievement points on the Wikia so far. He's been gone for a bit and at the moment I have no idea how long I plan to stick with the Wiki myself (it will depend on how engaging the game is in updates and whether or not the devs ever reply to one of my e-mails), so the safe bet would be to promote BOTH Enigma and me to Bureaucrat and Admin. You can do this by visiting Special:UserRights, searching both of our names, and checking the Bureaucrat and Admin boxes in the second column. That way if in the future someone else wants to take the lead on the wiki we'll have the rights to promote that person to admin ourselves as long as at least one of us is still visiting this wiki occasionally.

    I hope you're subscribed to notifications or something and get this message. If you're wondering, my current interest in being an admin is a desire to edit the navigation toolbar at the top.

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    • Hello!

      Yes, I am still here, just went inactive for a bit, haha.

      I think promoting both of us is a nice idea, considering that the current founder has virtually no edits.

      Thanks, Enigma.

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    • Well, I looked at his wiki history, and he's last active August 30 on Animal Jam Clans wiki, which means he SHOULD be seeing these notifications. Then again, excluding that single edit and Egg Inc wiki he has had no activity since 2015. In addition, he has created multiple wikis that didn't really survive, so it is likely that he has abandoned this one as well, not releasing that he has a very small communiy here.

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    • Ironically I disappear from the Wiki myself for about 2 weeks after my post.


      So maybe I'm not the best bureaucrat either.

      What sort of turns me off from the game is that I've sent 3 e-mails to Auxbrain so far with a comment or question about their game and so far have never received a reply. I still open the game once or twice a day, tap a drone or two, and buy one or two research levels in Tier 8 or 9, but my level of interest has definitely diminished. I hope there's a new update or the admins take more interest in the community.

      I saw you link to /r/EggsInc in another comment, Enigma. I should investigate if the dev team has a presence there.

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    • I look but I don't really have experience in egg inc so I will give you two positions

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    • The devs are not on the subreddit. They have a Twitter though, but rarely post anything about EggsInc, mostly political crap

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    • @Dream

      What support are you emailing? Is is


      I didn't know you were active anymore! Anyways, if you don't know already, I adopted the Wiki because you were not active. You still have all your rights.

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    • Dream, about your question of the updates, please click here.

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    • Yes, that's the address I've e-mailed each time. Are they responding to you there but not me? Perhaps I should just Tweet them or PM them on Twitter if I can do that (since tweets feel a bit too public sometimes).

      Also, I should stop commenting on this particular thread. I'm glad to see DarkStar would've returned eventually to resolve the admin situation without Wikia Staff, but I'm also glad that this post had apparently informed Enigma that a Wikia adoption process even exists and inspired him to go through that.

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    • Nope, I haven't contacted them.

      The developer's Twitter is @renderpaz.

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    • A FANDOM user
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