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The Shop allows you to purchase Golden Eggs. It can be accessed by clicking the purple Shop icon on the top right corner. Every shop purchase is dependent on a but the Piggy Bank changes depending on purchases. See Piggy Bank for more info.

Note: n represents piggy level.

Purchases in The Shop
Information Piggy bank.png
Piggy Bank
Golden Eggs Crate.png
Big Crate
Golden Eggs Pallet.png
Golden Eggs Truckload.png
Cost ($USD) $4.99 $4.99 $9.99 $19.99
Golden Eggs (Max) Varies from ~7,000 to

a big integer.

1,300+700n? 2,900+1,500n? 6,000+4,000n?
Golden Eggs per Dollar Depends (usually cheaper) 260+140n 290+150n 300+200n

These prices differ in Europe. The piggy bank costs €5.49, the Big Crate costs €5.49, The Pallet costs €10.99, and the Truckload costs €21.99.