The Terraform Egg is the thirteenth egg in Egg, Inc, added in update 1.4.

Lore Edit

Humans that grew weary of living in glass bubbles on other planets decided that they wanted better, more habitable planets, which sparked research of an egg that could transform alien planet landscapes. Using the intelligence from Prodigy Eggs, they discovered Terraform Eggs, which were able to terraform planets, requiring septillions of eggs to terraform an entire planet. Even so, it was much easier than previous methods of terraforming.

Appearance Edit

The Terraform Egg resembles a white moon-like surface being converted into an earth-like planet, with water and grass.

Trivia Edit

  • Terraforming is transforming a planet so it resembles Earth and can support humans.
  • Upgrading to the next egg, the Antimatter Egg, will give the biggest relative increase in egg value: 100x!
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