This is an advanced page for those who wish to learn about the math of Tachyon Prism boosts.

Tachyon Prisms increase Internal Hatchery rates.

If a Tachyon Prism is active, the stats page in the main menu will change to reflect the increase in production.

Tachyon Boost Analytics Edit

Name Boost Multiplier Running Time (minutes) Cost (Golden egg 1) MTG RT
Tachyon 10 30 100 5 5
Large 10 240 600 6.67 40
Powerful 100 20 750 4.44 33.33
Epic 100 120 4,000 5 200
Legendary 1,000 10 15,000 2.22 166.67
Supreme 1,000 60 25,000 4 1,000

All statistics are calculated in hours. All statistics are calculated at the 'buy one' price. The price difference does not matter, as the discount is proportional.

MTG = (Multiplier * Time / Golden Eggs) * 100

RT = (Multiplier * Time)

The Multiplier times Time over Golden eggs (MTG) statistic measures how much bang you get for your cluck. The higher the number is the more value that you will get for the amount that you spend.

The Rate times Time (RT) statistic is the statistic for those who want to grow quickly and also have plenty of golden eggs. This stat is a measurement of the rate in which chickens are gained and the amount of time that the multiplier is running.

Calculate your own rates Edit

On the stats page, there is a number of chickens per hab per minute. To access this page:

Main Menu (9-dot button) --> Stats --> row "INT. HATCHERY RATE"

Note that this value will be suffixed with MIN/HAB. This value will be between 0 Min/Hab and 7,440 Min/Hab.

Take this value from your stats and multiply it by the amount listed for the number of chickens that will be received with the boost.

Tachyon x 1,200
Large x 9,600
Powerful x 8,000
Epic x 48,000
Legendary x 40,000
Supreme x 240,000

Example: My stats page reads 5,740 min/hab. I want to know how many chickens I will have after I use a powerful tachyon boost. I take my 5,740 min/hab and I multiply it by 8,000. This is now a measurement of how many chickens I would have gotten in that time frame without the use of a boost plus the number of chickens that the boost gave me.

5,740 * 8,000 = 45,920,000 chickens created in the boost time.

This amount of chickens becomes even larger when you have researched the 'Internal Hatchery Calm' epic research, giving an additional multiplier for the calculation if you activate a tachyon prism just before you go offline. This additional multiplier is 1.0 for 0 times researched and increases by +0,1 each time you spend golden eggs to research this epic research. If you have, for example, researched this epic research 15 times, then (using the same formula as before) you have a multiplier of 2.5, and your total created chickens are calculated as follows:

5,740 * 8,000 * 2.5 = 114,800,000 chickens created in the boost time.

Note that you would have to stay offline during the entire duration of the tachyon prism's boost!

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