The Super Material Egg is the fifth egg in Egg, Inc.

Lore Edit

Further research post-Rocket Fuel Egg discovered "Iron Chickens" that laid a "programmable metal." Applications included a size-changing knife, a car that could convert from SUV to sports, bullet-proof, fire-proof, self-repairing, comfortable clothes, and three-bedroom houses made from super material "kits" that started at a mere $30,000.

Appearance Edit

These eggs appear to be completely made of a metallic material in what is presumably its base state.

Egg 1
Edible Egg
Egg 2
Superfood Egg
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Medical Egg
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Rocket Fuel Egg
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Super Material Egg
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Quantum Egg
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Immortality Egg
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Tachyon Egg
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Graviton Egg
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Dilithium Egg
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Prodigy Egg
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Terraform Egg
Egg 14
Antimatter Egg
Egg 15
Dark Matter Egg
Egg 16
AI Egg
Egg 17
Nebula Egg
Egg 18
Universe Egg
Egg 19
Enlightenment Egg
Egg 0
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