The popup that appears for special events when the small pink icons are tapped.

Special Events are events that occur in Egg, Inc. that grant bonuses and increases in gains. They typically last for around 28 hours and multiple events can happen at once. They are signified by pink icons on the left of the screen.

Special Events with multipliers give a percentage (most commonly 50%) off of specific features such as habitats and research but also offer other bonuses like more prestige eggs or faster piggy bank. Usually, a prestige event will happen on a weekend.


Here are the various types of event that may occur:

  • Cash Boost: Boosts the cash gained from the player's chickens.
  • Epic Research Sale: Gives a discount on Epic Research.
  • Generous Drones: Raises the rewards for downing drones.
  • Generous Gifts: Boosts the value of gifts.
  • Hab Sale: The cost of habitats is reduced by the percentage.
  • Piggy Boost: Instead of actions adding 1 egg to the piggy bank, more will be added (eg. double adds 2 per action to the bank, triple adds 3).
  • Unlimited Piggy: The piggy bank is no longer capped.
  • Research Sale: Gives a discount on research.
  • Soul Eggs Boost: When the player prestiges, they gain double, triple or quadruple the Soul Eggs they would normally get. The value that is seen on the screen is the multiplied value, not the base.
  • Vehicle Sale: The cost of vehicles is reduced by the percentage.
  • Longer Boosts: Boosts last twice as long.
  • Crafting Sale: Gives a discount on Artifacts crafting.
  • Mission Capacity Boost: Spaceships launched during the event bring more rewards.
  • Mission Duration Cut: Spaceships launched during the event return faster.
  • Mission Fuel Boost: Spaceships fuel faster.
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