Egg soul

A Soul Egg.

Soul Eggs are a type of Mystical Egg primarily gained from Prestige that grant a persistent permanent 10% boost to all future earnings, which can be raised further with Soul Food and Eggs of Prophecy.

They resemble stones with a purple five-faceted jewel set inside.

Obtaining Edit

You gain Soul Eggs by prestiging, completing certain Missions or Trophies, the Daily Gift Calendar, or sometimes goals in a Contract.

The Soul Eggs you earn when prestiging are calculated based off of your total prestige earnings, via the following formula.

(prestige_earnings / 1,000,000) ^ .15) * epic_soul_egg_prestige_bonus

Your prestige earnings can be found under Stats.

Upgrading Edit

There are a few ways to increase the power of Soul Eggs.

Soul Food Edit

Soul Food, an Epic Upgrade, strengthens the ability of Soul Eggs. Each level adds a 1% boost to all Soul Eggs (e.g. a level 4 would have a 14% boost). Soul Food has 140 levels, with a maximum of 150% bonus to egg value per Soul Egg.

Eggs of Prophecy Edit

You can increase the potency of soul eggs by 5% (compounding) with Eggs of Prophecy. Each Prophecy Egg increases the potency of all soul eggs by 5-10%, depending on your level of Prophecy Bonus, an Epic Upgrade.

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