The Rocket Fuel Egg is the fourth egg in Egg, Inc.

Lore Edit

Universities wanted to figure out if eggs could be used for more than human consumption. They answered that question with the genome of chickens that laid Rocket Fuel Eggs, a super-dense combustible egg perfect for rocket fuel. Soon, a trillionaire named Elom Nusk founded SpaceEggs to take advantage of these new eggs, creating a stable rocket fuel derived from them. With this fuel, SpaceEggs and NASA launched rockets and satellites into orbit. Elom Nusk even decided to live on Mars after seeing his rocket make 3 orbital launches on a single fuel tank. Systems were nominal as he sent the first transmission from Mars.

Appearance Edit

Rocket Fuel Eggs have a brown outer shell and a superheated core that shines yellow.

Trivia Edit

  • Elom Nusk (founder of SpaceEggs), the man who first used Rocket Fuel Eggs, is a parody of Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX).
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