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Research is a feature in Egg, Inc. which allows you to spend Bocks to upgrade some quality relating to your hatchery, habitats, vehicles, or anything else on the farm. Most areas of research offer multiple levels, each one costing more than the previous. An upgrade from Tier 1 doubling egg value plus an upgrade from Tier 2 doubling egg value again will quadruple egg value. Since no upgrades in one tier do the same thing, this effectively means that all research will compound with each other.

When the number of upgrades researched hits a certain number, the Research Building changes.

Each upgrade or research adds Golden Egg 3 or more to the Piggy Bank.


Common upgrades are purchased with Bocks. They reset when you sell your farm or prestige.

Levels of research items in a tier can only be purchased once the tier has been unlocked, which requires purchasing enough levels of research from previous tiers on your current farm.

Tier Icon Title Description Maximum Levels
1 R comfortable nests.png Comfortable Nests Increase egg laying rate by 10% +500% (x6) 50
R supplements.png Nutritional Supplements Increase egg value by 25% +1,000% (x11) 40
R better incubators.png Better Incubators Hatchery will refill 10% faster +150% (x2.5) 15
R excitable.png Excitable Chickens +0.1% egg value bonus for each running chicken +2.5% 25
2 R hen house remodel.png Hen House Remodel Increase capacity of all habs by 5% +40% (x1.4) 8
R internal hatchery.png Internal Hatcheries Each hen house adds 2 additional chickens per minute +20 10
R padded packaging.png Padded Packaging Increases earnings per egg by 25% +750% (x8.5) 30
R hatchery expansion.png Hatchery Expansion Increases Hatchery capacity by 10 +100 10
R bigger eggs.png Bigger Eggs DOUBLES egg value +100% (x2) 1
3 R internal hatchery upgrades.png Internal Hatchery Upgrades Each hen house adds an additional 5 chickens/min +50 10
R improved leafsprings.png Improved Leafsprings Increase vehicle capacity by 5% +150% (x2.5) 30
R vehicle reliability.png Vehicle Reliability Increase fleet size by 1 +2 2
R rooster booster.png Rooster Booster Hatchery will 'refill' 5% faster +125% (x2.25) 25
R coordinated clucking.png Coordinated Clucking Max running chicken bonus increased by 0.2× +10× 50
4 R hatchery rebuild.png Hatchery Rebuild Increases Hatchery capacity by 50 +50 1
R prime certification.png USDE Prime Certification TRIPLES egg value +200% (x3) 1
R hen house ac.png Hen House A/C Increase egg laying rate by 5% +250% (x3.5) 50
R superfeed diet.png Super-Feed™ Diet Increase egg value by 25% +875% (x9.75) 35
R microlux suites.png Microlux™ Chicken Suites Increase capacity of all habs by 5% +50% (x1.5) 10
5 R compact incubators.png Compact Incubators Increases Hatchery capacity by 10 +100 10
R lightweight boxes.png Lightweight Boxes Increase vehicle capacity by 10% +400% (x5) 40
R exoskeletons.png Depot Worker Exoskeletons Increase maximum fleet size by 1 +2 2
R internal hatchery expansion.png Internal Hatchery Expansion Each hen house adds an additional 10 chickens/min +150 15
R improved genetics.png Improved Genetics Increase egg laying rate AND egg value by 15% +450%, +450% (x5.5, x5.5, x30.25 total) 30
6 R traffic management.png Traffic Management Increase vehicle fleet size by 1 +2 2
R motivational clucking.png Motivational Clucking Max running chicken bonus increased by 0.5x +25 50
R driver training.png Driver Training Increase vehicle speed by 5% +150% (x2.5) 30
R shell fortification.png Shell Fortification Increase egg value by 15% +900% (x10) 60
7 R egg bots.png Egg Loading Bots Increase fleet size by 1 +2 2
R super alloy frames.png Super Alloy Frames Increase vehicle capacity by 5% +250% (x3.5) 50
R even bigger eggs.png Even Bigger Eggs DOUBLES egg value +3100% (x32) 5
R internal hatchery expansion 2.png Internal Hatchery Expansion Each hen house adds an additional 25 chickens/min +750 30
8 R quantum egg storage.png Quantum Egg Storage Increase vehicle capacity by 5% +100% (x2) 20
R genetic purification.png Genetic Purification Increases egg value by 10% +1,000% (x11) 100
R machine learning incubators.png Machine Learning Incubators Each hen house adds an additional 5 chickens/min +1,250 250
R time compression.png Time Compression Increase egg laying rate by 10% +200% (x3) 20
9 R hover upgrades.png Hover Upgrades Increase hover vehicle capacity by 5% +125% (x2.25) 25
R graviton coating.png Graviton Coating DOUBLES egg density and thus egg value +12700% (x128) 7
R grav plating.png Grav Plating Increase capacity of all habs by 2% +50% (x1.5) 25
R crystalline shelling.png Crystalline Shelling Increases egg value by 25% +2500% (x26) +100
10 R autonomous vehicles.png Autonomous Vehicles Increase fleet size by 1 +5 5
R neural linking.png Neural Linking Each hen house adds an additional 50 chickens/min +1500 30
R telepathic will.png Telepathic Will Increase egg quality (value) by 25% +1250% (x13.5) 50
R enlightened chickens.png Enlightened Chickens Increase max running chicken bonus by 2.0x! +300× 150
11 R dark containment.png Dark Containment Increase vehicle capacity by 5% +125% (x2.25) 25
R atomic purification.png Atomic Purification Increase egg value by 10% +500% (x6) 50
R multiversal layering.png Multiversal Layering 10× egg value +9900% (x1000) 3
R timeline diversion.png Timeline Diversion Increase egg laying rate by 2% +100% (x2) 50
12 R wormhole dampening.png Wormhole Dampening Increase capacity of portal habs by 2% +50% (x1.5) 25
R eggsistor miniturization.png Eggsistor Miniturization Increase egg value by 5%. +500% (x6) 100
R gravitational coupling.png Graviton Coupling Increase max hyperloop train length by 1. +5 5
R neural net refinement.png Neural Net Refinement Increase vehicle speed by 5% +125% (x2.25) 25
13 R matter reconfiguration.png Matter Reconfiguration Increase egg value by 1%. +500% (x6) 500
R timeline splicing.png Timeline Splicing 10× egg value. +900% (x10) 1
R hyper portalling.png Hyper Portalling Increase hyperloop car capacity by 5% +125% (x2.25) 25
R relativity optimization.png Relativity Optimization Increase egg laying rate by 10% +100% (x2) 10


Epic upgrades are bought with Golden Eggs. Epic Research does not reset when you upgrade your egg or prestige - you keep it forever.

Icon Title Description Maximum Total Golden Egg Price
Hold to Hatch.png Hold to Hatch Hold chicken button for +2 chickens per second +30/sec 3,825
Epic Hatchery.png Epic Hatchery Increase hatchery refill rate by 10% +200% 10,011
Epic Int. Hatcheries.png Epic Int. Hatcheries Increase internal hatchery rate by 5% +100% 25,241
Video Doubler Time.png Video Doubler Time Increase video doubler time by 30 min. +360 15,150
Epic Clucking.png Epic Clucking +0.1% egg value bonus for each running chicken. +2.0% 50,191
Epic Multiplier.png Epic Multiplier Increase max running chicken bonus by 2.0x! +200× 500,455
Cheaper Contractors.png Cheaper Contractors Reduce hen house build costs by 5% -50% 10,100
Bust Unions.png Bust Unions Reduce vehicle hire costs by 5% -50% 10,100
Lab Upgrade.png Lab Upgrade Reduce research costs by 5% -50% 10,121
ER silo capacity.png Silo Capacity Increase away time per silo by 6 min +120 min. 14,991
Internal Hatchery Sharing.png Internal Hatchery Sharing Full habs' internal hatcheries send +10% chicks to other habs +100% shared 13,750
Internal Hatchery Calm.png Internal Hatchery Calm Increase internal hatcheries rate by 10% while away +200% 20,091
Accounting Tricks.png Accounting Tricks Increase farm valuation by 5% +100% 42,941
Soul Food.png Soul Food Increase bonus per soul egg by +1% +140% 384,931
Prestige Bonus.png Prestige Bonus Earn +10% Soul Eggs when you prestige +200% 99,991
Drone Rewards.png Drone Rewards Increase your chances for bigger drone rewards by 10% +200% 21,000
Epic Comfy Nests.png Epic Comfy Nests Increase egg laying rate by 5%. +100% 502,491
Transportation Lobbyists.png Transportation Lobbyists Increase vehicle capacity by 5%. +150% 63,736
Prophecy Bonus.png Prophecy Bonus Increase bonus per egg of prophecy by 1%(compounding) +5% 2,750,000
Hold to Research.png Hold to Research Increase repetition rate when holding down research button by 25% +200% 40,000
FTL Drive Upgrades Reduce Artifact mission time of FTL ships(Quintillillion Chicken Rockets and Above) by 1% -25% 687,500
Zero-G Quantum Containment Increase Artifact mission capacity by 5% +50% 5,249,996
Golden egg 1.png Total The cumulative cost. 10,527,162

The general formula for epic research totals is as follows:

  • The cost of the first level and the last level, as well as the total number of levels, are hard coded by the devs.
  • For any level in between, call the costs of the first and last levels "first" and "last", respectively, and the number of levels "levels". The cost of a given level "level" is floor((level-1)*(last-first)/(levels-1))+first.
  • Because of the floor operation, there is no concise formula for the total cost of a research. However, there is one without the floor operation, which means there is one for a value which is greater than or equal to the actual answer, without being significantly larger:
    • levels*(first+last)/2
      • This will always be less than levels - 1 too large, as it will always overcount by strictly less than 1 extra per level, and the first level can't be overcounted at all. It will never overcount by less than zero, so while it may be exactly accurate, it will never undercount.
  • While it is not listed here, the Hyperloop obeys this formula as well, although it only has one level, so there is no need for a formula.

Research Strategies

  • Since the running chicken bonus can only appear when your habs are not yet full, players who use boosts to fill their habs may wish to only buy the first 24 levels of Wormhole Dampening boosting. This allows for them to buy the final level after boosting and hence still be able to take advantage of the running chicken bonus for nearly-full habs.
    • An alternate strategy is buying all the levels of Wormhole Dampening, maxing the habs, and then activating a gusset. However, this would require one artifact slot to be used for the gusset (which cannot be taken off if that would result in habs overflowing).
  • Hold to Hatch will only work when your Hatchery is not empty, so to take full advantage of this upgrade you should either activate a Quantum Warming Bulb or remember to release your hold occasionally to let the Hatchery fill up a bit again (being careful to resume holding before your running chicken bonus starts dropping, if you are trying to earn Bocks).
    • Depending on many factors (your level of Hold to Hatch, your hatchery refill rate, your max running chicken bonus, your running chicken bonus per chicken, your personal timing of holding and releasing a button, and your personal skill at rapidly pressing a button), you might have an easier time maintaining your running chicken bonus (and therefore maximizing your income) by rapidly pressing the hatch button than by using Hold to Press.
    • But in many situations (including having all common and epic research completed), it is still possible to hold and release with the right timing to never lose the max running chicken bonus. Players who are not skilled at rapidly pressing buttons and/or do not want to put in that much effort may prefer this method even if the occasional poor timing results in a moment of reduced running chicken bonus.


  • The Warp Shift epic upgrade was removed and refunded in update 1.10.
  • The Hover Semi, Quantum Transporter, and Hyperloop Train all count as hover vehicles for the purpose of the "Hover Upgrades" research in Tier 9.
  • Epic Int. Hatcheries and Internal Hatchery Calm compound, so when both are fully upgraded your hatcheries perform at 6 times the rate they would without these upgrades.
  • Since update 1.20.00, Prophecy Bonus costs Golden Egg 2,750,000, which is more than the cost of all epic researches prior to update 1.20.00.
  • The FTL Drive Upgrades research only affects Spaceships with faster-than-light drives (the Quintillion Chicken and beyond).
  • The FTL Drive Upgrades and Zero-G Quantum Containment research both only apply to missions which are launched AFTER purchasing the research.

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