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Game Tools

Link Description Advisory The Egg, Inc. Wiki 4+
You are here. Egg, Inc. Golden Egg Costs Calculator 4+
It's just a calculator. Egg, Inc. Contract Tracker 4+
Contract Tracker for everything contracts.
Egg, Inc. APK (downloadable source) 4+
Don't upload the contents of the source online, this is illegal. Egg, Inc. Artifact Explorer 4+

Explorer for everything artifacts Egg, Inc. Artifact Sandbox 4+

A sandbox with artifacts and boosts to experiment with prestiges and more. Egg, Inc. Rocket Tracker 4+

Tracks all active rockets, records previous missions & artifacts

Social Media

Link Description Advisory Egg, Inc. subreddit (unofficial) 13+
Occasional language but keeps a mild scope unlike general Reddit.

Reddit ToS says 13+. Developer's Twitter 13+
Auxbrain's official twitter. Egg, Inc. Discord (unofficial) 13+
Swearing is not banned. Discord ToS says 13+. Cluckingham Palace Discord

"Co-op focused Discord server. Custom bot balances co-ops to ensure completion. Completion rate >99%, community giveaways and helpful resources. Everybody's welcome!"


Swearing is banned. Discord ToS says 13+.

Server is moderated to fit all ages.

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