The Quantum Egg is the seventh egg in Egg, Inc.


One day, university researchers reported a chicken that laid eggs that may or may not exist in this universe. It turns out that these Quantum Eggs were made by a new breed of chickens. Despite not being understood, FedEggs used them to instantly deliver packages. They were then able to interplanetarily send organic matter, which was refined into sending masses of people to The Moon and Mars, where population skyrocketed. Not long after, humans were traveling the stars using quantum and fusion technology.


Quantum Eggs are silver eggs and their base color is identical to Fusion Eggs. They have a yellow glow and have 3 energy lines that cross at the egg's middle. Many dots cluster around the crossing point.


  • FedEggs is a parody of FedEx, an American delivery company.
Egg 1.png
Edible Egg
Egg 2.png
Superfood Egg
Egg 3.png
Medical Egg
Egg 4.png
Rocket Fuel Egg
Egg 5.png
Super Material Egg
Egg 6.png
Fusion Egg
Egg 7.png
Quantum Egg
Egg 8.png
Immortality Egg
Egg 9.png
Tachyon Egg
Egg 10.png
Graviton Egg
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Dilithium Egg
Egg 12.png
Prodigy Egg
Egg 13.png
Terraform Egg
Egg 14.png
Antimatter Egg
Egg 15.png
Dark Matter Egg
Egg 16.png
AI Egg
Egg 17.png
Nebula Egg
Egg 18.png
Universe Egg
Egg 19.png
Enlightenment Egg
Egg 0.png
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