The prestige menu, with soul eggs and Eggs of Prophecy.

Prestige is a reset-based system that allows you to gain major, permanent boosts, but it restarts your chickens, common research, habitats, silos, vehicles, and egg type.

Prestige is unlocked when a mission with soul eggs as a reward is completed.

Prestiging grants you Soul Eggs based on your earnings.

Strategy Edit

After the first 50 Soul Eggs, different strategies exist, but a general rule of thumb is to prestige when the game is slowing down and you have no goals that depend on staying on the current egg.

When you have unlocked the Universe Egg a common strategy is to use; 2x Jimbo's Best Bird Feed (50x earnings for 10 minutes), 1x Legendary Soul Beacon (500x Soul Eggs for 10 minutes), 1x Legendary Boost Beacon (50x all active boosts for 10 minutes) and 1x Legendary Tachyon Prism (1000x internal hatchery for 10 minutes). These are best used by upgrading to the universe egg then;

  1. Buy all common research you can
  2. Start the Legendary Tachyon Prism and run chickens for 2 minutes and 40 seconds
  3. Start the other 4 boosts and run chickens for 10 more minutes. Try to keep your running chicken bonus active for entire 10 minutes of the boosts
  4. Prestige

Variations of this strategy should be effective at lower eggs also, but depending on the Golden Eggs you have available you may consider less expensive versions of the boosts.

Prestige Bonus Edit

Prestige Bonus, an Epic Upgrade , gives more Soul Eggs per Prestige. Each level adds 10% more Soul Eggs at restart (e.g. a level 5 would have 50% more Soul Eggs than normal (e.g. 15,000 rather than 10,000)). Prestige Bonus has twenty levels, with a maximum of 200% bonus soul eggs when prestiging.

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