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The Piggy Bank.

The Piggy Bank is a premium mechanic in Egg, Inc.


The Piggy Bank increments by a number of Golden Eggs every time something is upgraded or purchased.

You can crack it for USD4.99, £4.79, AUD7.99 or €5.49 each time, which will reset the counter to 0 and give you all the Golden Eggs inside. Contract goals and the Daily Gift Calendar may also add Golden Eggs to the Piggy Bank and even double it. There is a special event which reduces the price by 40%.


Each time the Piggy Bank is cracked it gains a bonus, starting at 2% on the first level, 25% on the second level, and 10n+10% after that point (e.g. level 6 would have a 70% bonus).

Piggy Cap

At a certain point, the Piggy Bank fills up and cannot be incremented by buying things. This is a soft cap, though, and the Piggy Bank can still be increased with contract or Daily Gift Calendar rewards.

  • Prior to level 5, the cap is Golden Egg10,000n, where n is piggy level.
  • At level 5 and up, the cap is Golden Egg50,000+5,000n, where n is piggy level.


Note: There are unlimited levels - although the image stops changing after level 7. The strategies below only apply to people who are willing to spend real-world money to crack the piggy. If you're certain that you'll stay free-to-play, feel free to ignore this.

Ever since the cap was implemented, it became effortless to max out a Piggy Bank. However, strategies may still be applied. For example, the piggy should be close to maxed when a Piggy Bank Multiplierx2 is expected to get the maximum reward from it. As long as you do not need additional golden eggs, it is good to continue waiting to crack the Piggy Bank because each x2 stacks on top of the previous one, which can lead to Piggy Banks in the millions and billions of golden eggs after enough time.

Keep in mind that you need Golden Egg11,877,162 to get all Epic Research plus the Hyperloop and fully upgraded Fuel Tank. One way you can maximize your return is to wait until your piggy has enough in it to buy all remaining purchases, then wait for a sale and crack it. If you do this, you will only ever need golden eggs after that for boosts or artifacts.

You may want to buy this over the other offers, as this is the cheapest way to get golden eggs while still paying for them.

Following the updates of the artifacts, Piggy Bank Multiplierx2 is no longer obtainable through contract as the Artifacts are taking over the x2 rewards.


The piggy bank used to cost $2.99, £2.99, or €2.99 but this was changed on 14 July 2019 after the $1 piggy sale.