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    • Hi Dreampenguin,

      I want to discuss a MAJOR flaw that i have found in egg inc.

      if this bug continues the devs might have to patch it :)



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    • This reply has been removed
    • Hey, it looks like some sort of reply was removed here because it says "This reply has been removed", so maybe I already responded to you and it was deleted for some reason or maybe I never responded - I'm not sure.

      I wanted to let you know that these "Welcome to Egg Inc Wikia!" messages are automated, so I didn't actually make this message to which you replied. Also, I'm probably not the right person to speak with about flaws in Egg Inc. I mean I'd love to know them, but they can just go on the Glitches page. I have tried reaching out to the devs about a few things in the past, but they never respond to me.

      It is rather unfortunate that they make such a great game but don't respond to people who try to talk with them. I know they are a very small group with a moderately large number of players, but not all the players send them messages; I think they should be able to manage replying occasionally.

      If you really want to reach them, it seems e-mail and Twitter don't work. Maybe try a mailing address? Idk.

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