The Medical Egg is the third egg in Egg, Inc.

Lore Edit

With Superfood Egg excitement still in the air, exploration of the chicken genome was further funded. Eventually, they found that certain chickens laid eggs with healing properties, which became Medical Eggs. They entered human trials that proved to be promising and were approved for over-the-counter use. As Medical Egg research continued, people discovered that they cured migraines, arthritis, the cold, the flu, zika, and some cancers. World economies were booming.

At one point, a newspaper claims COVID-19 is eliminated using a remedy formed from Medical Egg yoke.

Appearance Edit

Medical Eggs are glossy and dual-colored, white on top and red on the bottom, like a pill caplet. They have 'EGG BATCH - 0002 - R32B' stamped on them.


  • The picture for Medical Eggs was changed in update 1.4.1 from a simple white egg with a red cross on it to its present look. The image is still present in the game with the other eggs.
    Egg medical old

    The original Medical Egg icon.

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