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Ingredients (also called "Materials") are items in Egg, Inc. introduced in Version 1.20 alongside Artifacts. They are used in crafting Artifacts and are found via Spaceships.

Fragments might also be considered Ingredients, as they can be used to create Eggfinity Stones, but for organizational purposes all Stone Fragments are presently on the Eggfinity Stones page alongside their corresponding Eggfinity Stones.

List of Ingredients

Gold Meteorite

Icon Name Consumed Craft
Afx gold meteorite 1.png Tiny Gold Meteorite Golden Egg5 N/A
Afx gold meteorite 2.png Enriched Gold Meteorite Golden Egg277 Tiny Gold Meteorite9 Tiny Gold Meteorites
Afx gold meteorite 3.png Solid Gold Meteorite Golden Egg955 Enriched Gold Meteorite11 Enriched Gold Meteorites (Tiny Gold Meteorite99)

Solar Titanium

Icon Name Consumed Craft
Afx solar titanium 1.png Solar Titanium Ore Golden Egg37 N/A
Afx solar titanium 2.png Solar Titanium Bar Golden Egg283 Solar Titanium Ore10 Solar Titanium Ore
Afx solar titanium 3.png Solar Titanium Geogon Golden Egg1,053 Solar Titanium Bar12 Solar Titanium Bars (Solar Titanium Ore120)

Tau Ceti Geode

Icon Name Consumed Craft
Afx tau ceti geode 1.png Tau Ceti Geode Piece Golden Egg24 N/A
Afx tau ceti geode 2.png Glimmering Tau Ceti Geode Golden Egg432 Tau Ceti Geode Piece12 Tau Ceti Geode Pieces
Afx tau ceti geode 3.png Radiant Tau Ceti Geode Golden Egg1,304 Glimmering Tau Ceti Geode14 Glimmering Tau Ceti Geodes (Tau Ceti Geode Piece168)

Unused Ingredients

The files for these ingredients can be found inside the game's data files, but they are unobtainable in-game.