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The Hyperloop is a feature that allows players to purchase Hyperloop Trains to increase their shipping capacity.

Before Hyperloop Trains can be purchased, a player must purchase a Hyperloop for a one-time cost of Golden Egg50,000. Once it has been purchased, the Hyperloop will appear permanently on all farms. Hyperloop Trains and their cars must be purchased again on each new farm.

Prior to being unlocked, an under-construction form of the Hyperloop station appears on the farm when a player's max shipping rate exceeds 300 billion eggs per minute.



  • Prior to version 1.10, the cost to purchase the Hyperloop station was Golden Egg25,000.
  • As of v1.20, the Hyperloop is glitched so that the tube ends on the bottom-right before the edge of where you can pan the screen. This was due to the introduction of the spaceship launch pad and the Hall of Artifacts in that direction. This has been fixed.