The Hatchery is the initial way of producing chickens in Egg, Inc. Its base chicken capacity is 250. It is located between the Research Building and Shipping Depot.

The building's appearance is different for each type of egg.


It is affected by research which increases the maximum size of the hatchery and research which increases the chicken refill speed.

  • The maximum chickens that the hatchery can hold is 500.
  • The maximum refill speed for the hatchery is 275%.

Hatcheries for Normal Eggs

Hatchery Picture Motion
Edible Hatchery 1 None
Superfood Hatchery 2 None
Medical Hatchery 3 None
Rocket Fuel Hatchery 4 None
Super Material Hatchery 5 None
Fusion Hatchery 6 None
Quantum Hatchery 7 None
Immortality Hatchery 8 None
Tachyon Hatchery 9 None
Graviton Hatchery 10 The top half flows up and down.
Dilithium Hatchery 11 None
Prodigy Hatchery 12 None
Terraform Hatchery 13 None
Antimatter Hatchery 14 None
Dark Matter Hatchery 15 The rings spin in circles like a gyroscope.
AI Hatchery 16 The four segments flow up and down, slightly apart.
Nebula Hatchery 17 One of the two top layers of the pyramid rotate occasionally.
Universe Hatchery 18 The small fragments spin around the black hole and occasionally shoot a beam of light towards it.
Enlightenment Hatchery 19 The white balls slowly spin around the tree.

Hatcheries for Contract-Only Eggs

Hatchery Picture
Firework Hatchery firework
Waterballoon Hatchery waterballoon
Pumpkin Hatchery pumpkin
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