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Housing are buildings used to store chickens. There are 16 different levels of housing.

The base price of buying or upgrading a house depends on how many of that level you have immediately before your purchase, not on how many houses you have of any other level. Thus, building up to 4 coops and then upgrading them into 4 shacks will cost slightly more money than upgrading your first coop into a shack, then building a 2nd coop and upgrading it to a shack, then doing the same with a 3rd and then a 4th. And it would be slightly cheaper than that to upgrade your first coop to a shack and then build the other 3 houses as shacks initially, but this approach would forfeit some easy increments to your Piggy Bank.

Getting maximum housing upgrades and all Eggtopias allows for a maximum chicken capacity of 210 million.

You can reduce the price of upgrading a house with Epic Research.

The table below lists the base prices of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th/final house of each type.

Note: If you have "Cheaper Contractors" epic upgrade DO NOT edit the building prices. Unless your edits are multiplied by the amount that your upgrade decreases by.

Hen House Types
Name Capacity (before upgrades)


Coop 250 $63.51
Ei hab icon coop
Shack 500 $557
Ei hab icon shack
Super Shack 1,000 $12,837
Ei hab icon super shack
Short House 2,000 $313,078
Ei hab icon short house
The Standard 5,000 $36,330,375
Ei hab icon the standard
Long House 10,000 $1.744B
Ei hab icon long house
Double Decker 20,000 $106.766B
Ei hab icon double decker
Warehouse 50,000 $29.456T
Ei hab icon warehouse
Center 100,000 $2.194q
Ei hab icon center
Bunker 200,000 $166.187q
Ei hab icon bunker
Eggkea 500,000 $50.924Q
Ei hab icon eggkea
HAB 1000 1,000,000 $3.856s
Ei hab icon hab1k
Hangar 2,000,000 $281.025s
Ei hab icon hanger
Tower 5,000,000 $62.567S
Ei hab icon tower
HAB 10,000 10,000,000 $2.755o
Ei hab icon hab10k
Eggtopia 25,000,000 $649.528o
Ei hab icon eggtopia
Monolith 50,000,000 $270.73N
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