The Graviton Egg is the tenth egg in Egg, Inc., added in Version 1.1.


One day, the National Chicken Institute headquarters was found collapsed into a ball the size of an egg. Investigations showed that the collapse was actually caused by a new egg type, the Graviton Egg, which allowed manipulation of gravitational fields. Now able to use gravity-producing eggs, hovering cars and trucks and commercially-available hoverboards were invented. NASA also chipped in and created "gravity engines" for ships not able to use quantum teleportation, referred to as the Warp Drive.


Graviton Eggs are silver transparent eggs containing many beams of light traveling towards the center of the egg, which is very bright.


  • Gravitons are hypothetical, massless, elementary particles that mediate the force of gravity in quantum physics.
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Edible Egg
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Superfood Egg
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Graviton Egg
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