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Golden Eggs are a form of premium currency in Egg, Inc. They can be used for purchasing Boosts, Epic Research, and the Hyperloop.

Obtaining Edit

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Golden Eggs can be obtained from:

  • The Shop, via in-app purchases.
  • Drones, giving Golden egg 13, Golden egg 16, or Golden egg 112 for regular drones, Golden egg 112 or 48 for epic drones, in addition to Golden egg 196 or Golden egg 1192 with Drone Rewards.
  • Videos, givingGolden egg 148, Golden egg 196, or rarely Golden egg 1396 (or bocks) upon watching an ad.
  • Boxes, containing Golden egg 16, Golden egg 112, Golden egg 148, Golden egg 196, or rarely Golden egg 1396 (or bocks).
  • Daily Gift Calendar, with several days rewarding golden eggs.
  • Missions, where Golden egg 16-144 may be given after completing a mission.
  • Trophies, where Golden egg 11,000-5,000 are given out upon completing a chicken milestone.
  • Contracts, where golden eggs may be rewarded after completing a contract goal.
  • Welcome Back Gifts, giving Golden egg 11440 after 7 days of inactivity.

Trivia Edit

  • They tend to be given out in dozens, just like eggs in real life.

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