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The Fuel Tank is a feature introduced in Version 1.21 which allows players to store extra eggs from their current farm so that they can use them to fuel Spaceships with that type of Egg while on another type of egg farm. The building is located to the bottom-right of the launchpad and below the Hall of Artifacts. The Fuel Tank does not reset upon prestige.

The Fuel tank has 4 levels, but players must purchase the Pro Permit in order to upgrade it past the starting level (at the expense of Golden Eggs). As the level increases, both the tank's capacity and the maximum output rate of the tank increase. Each level has a different visual appearance on the farm.

Level Capacity Max Output GE Cost to Upgrade
1 2B 300M/min free
2 200B 12B/min 50K
3 10T 180B/min 250K
4 100T 3T/min 1M


  • The capacity limit for the fuel tank applies to the total of all eggs of any type you have stored in it. Hence, a tank with capacity 2B cannot hold 2B edible and 2B superfood eggs, but it could hold 1B edible and 1B superfood.
  • Special Events which affect fueling do not affect the output of Fuel Tanks. They only affect eggs being produced on your current farm which are going into a Spaceship or Fuel Tank.
  • In the Advanced Flow Control, you can separately toggle whether or not you want to divert your fuel into Spaceships and into the Fuel Tank. If both are toggled ON, then fuel will go into the Spaceship first until it does not need any more fuel of that type (after which the rest will go into the Fuel Tank until it reaches its total capacity).
  • When your tank is at 50% or higher of its total capacity, you will have the option to dump fuel of any particular type. Select the red minus sign symbol next to the type of fuel you want to dump and then choose to either Cancel the dumping, dump 50% of that fuel type, or dump 100% of that fuel type. The "50%" means 50% of whatever fuel of that particular type you've accumulated - it does not mean 50% of your total fuel accumulated or 50% of your total fuel capacity.
  • If your fuel tank contains multiple types of fuel needed for your current Spaceship, only one type of fuel will flow at a time. (In other words, the game doesn't allow each of the types to flow at the max output rate or even at a partial output rate.)
    • The order of fueling will match the order in which the fuel types are displayed: your current farm's egg type first, followed by the other eggs in the order in which they were unlocked
  • If your tank contains the same type of egg as your farm (and you need this as fuel for your current Spaceship), both your tank's maximum output rate and your farm's output rate will contribute to the fueling rate of the Spaceship.
    • This could actually make fueling take longer, as your Fuel Tank won't be able to contribute any other relevant fuel it contains until you meet the quota for the fuel that matches the current farm. For this reason, you might consider dumping all stored fuel that matches your current farm and toggling the tank to Output Only until your last batch of ships before you need to switch eggs to gain more of the other type of fuel.