The Firework Egg is is a contract-only egg in Egg, Inc., added in Version 1.7.5 along with the Waterballoon Egg.

It is one of the two summer contract eggs, the other being the Waterballoon Egg.

They were created as a new unconventional way to meet the increasing fireworks demand.


The Firework Egg is a white-and-red striped egg, the pattern twisting as it goes up. The egg is capped with a blue cone and a fuse pokes out of the egg's underside. A wooden launch stick comes already attached.


  • The egg's odd outlying price from any other egg is likely the egg's actual store price.
Egg 1.png
Edible Egg
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Superfood Egg
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Medical Egg
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Rocket Fuel Egg
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Super Material Egg
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Fusion Egg
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Quantum Egg
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Universe Egg
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Enlightenment Egg
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