The Enlightenment Egg is the nineteenth and final egg in Egg, added in update 1.8.

Boosts cannot be used on the Enlightenment Egg farm. Any boosts that were previously active will pause their timers. This means it will take nearly 4 months to get the final Enlightenment trophy at a minimum.

Appearance Edit

The Enlightenment Egg is a pure gold egg with a white edge. The inside is dark gold and contains many veins or roots of what seems to be neurons or a tree, the center of the structure covered by a yellow glow. It is visually similar to many illustrations of a Bodhi Tree and Yggdrasil. The Bodhi Tree is a better comparison because Buddhism is often associated with Enlightenment.

Trivia Edit

  • The Enlightenment Egg has the lowest value of any egg in the game, at 1 ten millionth of a bock!
  • Since its value is so small, it is shown as 0.00 in the game.
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