Eggs are the basis of Egg, Inc. As your farm grows, you will have the opportunity to sell your farm and restart with eggs worth more bocks. Currently, there are nineteen main eggs and five contract eggs, but more eggs will come in the future.

Main Eggs

Image Name Description Value Required Farm Value
Egg 1 Edible A regular egg. Edible and incredible. Money VC0.25 Default
Egg 2 Superfood The first egg breakthrough. One a day is all you need. Money VC1.25 Money VC67,000,000
Egg 3 Medical Derivatives are capable of replacing most prescription medication. Money VC6.25 Money VC5.1 billion
Egg 4 Rocket Fuel After light scrambling, 100x more energy dense than existing propellants Money VC30 Money VC230 billion
Egg 5 Super Material Able to take on properties of any material Money VC150 Money VC150 trillion
Egg 6 Fusion Each egg can generate 1 gigawatt-hour of electricity. Money VC700 Money VC45 quadrillion
(Money VC45q)
Egg 7 Quantum An egg, not an egg, and both. Enables teleportation. Money VC3,000 Money VC20 quintillion (Money VC20Q)
Egg 8 Immortality The fountain of youth is really just a chicken. Money VC12,500 Money VC80 sextillion (Money VC80s)
Egg 9 Tachyon Particles emitted by this egg can be used to travel through time. Money VC50,000 Money VC140 septillion (Money VC140S)
Egg 10 Graviton Allows for the manipulation and creation of gravitational fields. Money VC175,000 Money VC780 octillion (Money VC780o)
Egg 11 Dilithium An energy source 1 trillion times more dense than Fusion eggs. Money VC525,000 Money VC3.7 decillion

(Money VC3.7d)

Egg 12 Prodigy Unlocks new abilities in the human mind. Deep understanding, holographic memory, and telepathy. Money VC1,500,000 Money VC12 undecillion

(Money VC12U)

Egg 13 Terraform Has the ability to transform a planet to be habitable by chickens... also humans. Money VC10,000,000 Money VC14 duodecillion

(Money VC14D)

Egg 14 Anti-Matter Energy source 1 trillion times more dense than dilithium Money VC1 Billion

Money VC96 tredecillion    (Money VC 96Td)

Egg 15 Dark Matter Allows for the manipulation of space time. Money VC100 Billion Money VC840 quattuordecillion (Money VC 840qd)
Egg 16 AI The foundation of true artificial intelligence. Money VC1 Trillion Money VC20 Sexdecillion (Money VC 20sd)
Egg 17 Nebula We've built planets, now we will build galaxies. Money VC15 Trillion Money VC120 Septendecillion (Money VC 120Sd)
100px Universe A portal into another universe Money VC100 Trillion Money VC2.3 Novemdecillion (Money VC2.3Nd)
100px Enlightenment The Multiverse is ours, but what is next? The answer lies within. Money VC1e-7 Money VC200 Vigintillion (Money VC200V)

Contract Eggs

Some eggs can only be farmed during a contract.

Image Name Description Value First Contract
Egg chocolate Chocolate Didn't take scientists long to figure out the smart thing to do was to just make chickens lay chocolate eggs. Money VC5 Chocolate!
Egg easter Easter With so many planned Easter egg hunts around the galaxy, there is a shortage. We need your help! Money VC0.05 Easter Egg Shortage
Egg firework Firework With 4th of July nearing in the States, scientists have found a new way to meet the demand for fireworks... Money VC4.99 Getting Ready
Egg waterballoon Waterballoon The longest day of the year is here (northern hemisphere) and you know what that means! Money VC0.10 Waterballoon Fight!
Egg pumpkin
Egg pumpkin
Pumpkin Pumpkins are in super high demand... leave it to the chickens to deliver the goods! Money VC0.15 Pumpkin Crunch
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