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Eggfinity Stones (often called Stones for short) are items in Egg, Inc. introduced in Version 1.20 alongside Artifacts. They are one possible reward from launching Spaceships. Fragments of these Stones can be obtained by consuming certain Artifacts, e.g. consuming Lunar Totems gives Lunar Stone Fragments to the player.

Certain Artifacts have sockets, and players can put Stones inside these sockets to enhance the effects of Artifacts. The first tier of each Stone is a Fragment. Stone Fragments cannot be placed inside sockets as they do not provide any bonuses. Stone Fragments must be used in the Hall of Artifacts in order to craft higher tier Stones.

Types of Stones

Clarity Stone

Clarity Stones enable the effect of the host Artifact to work on the Enlightenment Egg.

Icon Title Effect Consumed Craft
Afx clarity stone 1.png Clarity Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg395 N/A
Afx clarity stone 2.png Clarity Stone 25% of host effect Golden Egg1,192 Clarity Stone Fragment20 Clarity Stone Fragments
Afx clarity stone 3.png Eggsquisite Clarity Stone 50% of host effect Golden Egg3,608 10 Clarity Stones (Clarity Stone Fragment200)
2 Prophecy Stones
Afx clarity stone 4.png Eggceptional Clarity Stone 100% of host effect Golden Egg8,797 Eggsquisite Clarity Stone20 Eggsquisite Clarity Stones (Clarity Stone Fragment4,000)
Radiant Prophecy Stone2 Radiant Prophecy Stones (Prophecy Stone Fragment4,800)

Dilithium Stone

Dilithium Stones increase boost duration.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx dilithium stone 1.png Dilithium Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg226-227 N/A
Afx dilithium stone 2.png Dilithium Stone +3% Golden Egg822 Dilithium Stone Fragment20 Dilithium Stone Fragments
Afx dilithium stone 3.png Eggsquisite Dilithium Stone +6% Golden Egg2,308 12 Dilithium Stones (Dilithium Stone Fragment240)
Afx dilithium stone 4.png Brilliant Dilithium Stone +8% Golden Egg8,025 Eggsquisite Dilithium Stone15 Eggsquisite Dilithium Stones (Dilithium Stone Fragment3,600)

Life Stone

Life Stones improve the Internal Hatchery rate.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx life stone 1.png Life Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg226 N/A
Afx life stone 2.png Life Stone +2% Golden Egg525 Life Stone Fragment20 Life Stone Fragments
Afx life stone 3.png Good Life Stone +3% Golden Egg1,902 12 Life Stones (Life Stone Fragment240)
Afx life stone 4.png Eggceptional Life Stone +4% Golden Egg6,239 Good Life Stone15 Good Life Stones (Life Stone Fragment3,600)

Lunar Stone

Lunar Stones increase away earnings.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx lunar stone 1.png Lunar Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg5-6 N/A
Afx lunar stone 2.png Lunar Stone +20% Golden Egg57 Lunar Stone Fragment20 Lunar Stone Fragments
Afx lunar stone 3.png Eggsquisite Lunar Stone +30% Golden Egg593 20 Lunar Stones (Lunar Stone Fragment400)
Afx lunar stone 4.png Meggnificent Lunar Stone +40% Golden Egg3,645 Eggsquisite Lunar Stone25 Eggsquisite Lunar Stones (Lunar Stone Fragment10,000)

Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stones increase the Egg of Prophecy bonus.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx prophecy stone 1.png Prophecy Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg499 N/A
Afx prophecy stone 2.png Prophecy Stone +0.05% Golden Egg1,406 Prophecy Stone Fragment20 Prophecy Stone Fragments
Afx prophecy stone 3.png Eggsquisite Prophecy Stone +0.10% Golden Egg4,072 10 Prophecy Stones (Prophecy Stone Fragment200)
Afx prophecy stone 4.png Radiant Prophecy Stone +0.15% Golden Egg8,436 Eggsquisite Prophecy Stone12 Eggsquisite Prophecy Stones (Prophecy Stone Fragment2,400)
Radiant Soul Stone2 Radiant Soul Stones (Soul Stone Fragment12,000)

Quantum Stone

Quantum Stones increase shipping capacity.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx quantum stone 1.png Quantum Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg226 N/A
Afx quantum stone 2.png Quantum Stone +2% Golden Egg404 Quantum Stone Fragment20 Quantum Stone Fragments
Afx quantum stone 3.png Phased Quantum Stone +4% Golden Egg979 15 Quantum Stones (Quantum Stone Fragment300)
Afx quantum stone 4.png Meggnificent Quantum Stone +5% Golden Egg4,826 Phased Quantum Stone 20 Phased Quantum Stones (Quantum Stone Fragment6,000)

Shell Stone

Shell Stones increase egg value.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx shell stone 1.png Shell Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg6-7 N/A
Afx shell stone 2.png Shell Stone +5% Golden Egg43 Shell Stone Fragment20 Shell Stone Fragments
Afx shell stone 3.png Eggsquisite Shell Stone +8% Golden Egg773 20 Shell Stones (Shell Stone Fragment400)
Afx shell stone 4.png Flawless Shell Stone +10% Golden Egg4,112 Eggsquisite Shell Stone10 Eggsquisite Shell Stones (Shell Stone Fragment4,000)
Eggsquisite Dilithium Stone5 Eggsquisite Dilithium Stones (Dilithium Stone Fragment1,200)

Soul Stone

Soul Stones increase Soul Egg bonus.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx soul stone 1.png Soul Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg161 N/A
Afx soul stone 2.png Soul Stone +5% Golden Egg319 Soul Stone Fragment20 Soul Stone Fragments
Afx soul stone 3.png Eggsquisite Soul Stone +10% Golden Egg1,688 15 Soul Stones (Soul Stone Fragment300)
Afx soul stone 4.png Radiant Soul Stone +25% Golden Egg4,315 Eggsquisite Soul Stone20 Eggsquisite Soul Stones (Soul Stone Fragment6,000)

Tachyon Stone

Tachyon Stones increase egg laying rate.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx tachyon stone 1.png Tachyon Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg36 N/A
Afx tachyon stone 2.png Tachyon Stone +2% Golden Egg65 20 Tachyon Stone Fragments
Afx tachyon stone 3.png Eggsquisite Tachyon Stone +4% Golden Egg773 15 Tachyon Stones (300)
Afx tachyon stone 4.png Brilliant Tachyon Stone +5% Golden Egg4,958 20 Eggsquisite Tachyon Stones (6,000)

Terra Stone

Terra Stones increase max running chicken bonus.

Icon Name Increase Consumed Craft
Afx terra stone 1.png Terra Stone Fragment N/A Golden Egg107 N/A
Afx terra stone 2.png Terra Stone +10 Golden Egg319 20 Terra Stone Fragments
Afx terra stone 3.png Rich Terra Stone +50 Golden Egg1,112 15 Terra Stones (300)
Afx terra stone 4.png Eggceptional Terra Stone +100 Golden Egg5,941 Rich Terra Stone20 Rich Terra Stones (6,000)


  • It costs Golden Eggs to add a Stone to an Artifact, but it is free to remove the Stone from the Artifact. However, you will have to pay the cost of adding the Stone to the Artifact again if you want to put it back on the Artifact.
  • The effect of Clarity Stones add to each other, so 2 Clarity Stones allow the host artifact to have a 50% effect on the Enlightment Egg. Even if there are more than one Eggceptional Clarity Stone, the effects will still add to each other; for example, a Legendary Tier 4 Gusset with 3 Eggeptional Clarity stones will have a 300% effectiveness, or +75% hab space.
  • Warning: The game will let you equip Eggfinity Stones onto an Artifact without a confirmation dialogue; this can result in wasting tens of thousands of Golden Eggs due to simply pressing on the wrong part of the screen.